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retinue cards

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retinue cards

Post2017-08-14 17:22

SWorry, GMs, a total waste. They are all the same, unless you get Asteria. Totally crap reward. They get in the way when you are trying to click in an npc, and for 100 HP, I'd just as soon not have one. I assu7me, as per usual in this type of game, y'all never actually played it. You get others to do so, then listen to their comments. They probably never mentioned the retinue card crap, they were concentrating on stuff that matters to game players. Wish they had addressed the stam situation. Your stam collecting choices suck. You need to put turkeys/chickens permanently in the shop, not just special. Would make you more gold.



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Re: retinue cards

Post2017-08-15 2:36

Do you know the retinue cards give a much larger boost than 100hp if you collect enough of them and activate them under retinue card handbook? for the 100hp ones go to League of Goddess under Retinue Card Handbook and click on the picture of the ones you have collected. You get bonuses to defense and stats that well exceed the 100hp.



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Re: retinue cards

Post2017-08-20 16:44

Sorry but have to disagree withyou here Raenaia. This is one example of the devs doing something that's actually well balanced. The individual bonuses may be quite small but as u gain more in a set the bonuses stack very nicely and the star bonuses (from gaining a set amount in a set) are really quite powerful.

With the introduction of the chaos land event thingy (or whatever its called) most people over time will be able to gain enough shards to get decent bonuses from a few of the sets which is a huge plus for those that dont have the funds to pay for huge amounts of gold.

As JDM stated have a good look at the bonuses on different cards (+4 & +6 stat bonuses are along side the +100 hp bonuses) and take a good look at the star bonuses for having multiple cards in a set. 

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