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Event Times

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Event Times

Post2017-09-03 9:26

Please could you revise Event times or maybe even repeat events every 8 or 12 hours and allow them to be entered once only.

I'm really enjoying this game, but even if I spent money daily I cannot gain an edge over free players becuase I cannot participate in the daily events.

All events begin around midnight my time and finish at 4-5am. The giveaways are huge... stamina, gold, silver.

Why squash all of the events into those 5 hours? Unless you do not really seek an audience outside of the Pacific timezone? In which case maybe you would like to refund my money!!

In summary... enjoying the game but I need something rewarding to do during my day... and I'm sure other timezones will have other requirements - so please make this game truly global.



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Re: Event Times

Post2017-09-18 8:26

I concur with this. My timezone is +7 hours relative to the server time and it kills me to participate in Faction War, second WB and so on. Can you please shift all events with like 2 or 3 hours earlier to make things bearable. Actually, evan an hour would be appreciated, though not enough. I know a lot of payers from Europe, and eventually this may be the reason for them (and me) to stop playing the game.



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Re: Event Times

Post2017-09-20 5:28

Doing so would result in PST and perhaps CST players missing events. If you shifted FW back an hour, I would miss it every weekday as a result of work, and I can't play when I'm driving. Most players are from North American regions, it makes more sense to keep it as it is or else the issue just becomes even larger.

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