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Attaining VIP1

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Attaining VIP1

Post2017-09-06 23:49

The only way to reach VIP1 status is to buy it with real human money.  For VIP0 players who love the game but cannot afford to buy their way up the ladder, it would be nice if higher-level VIP status was reachable without buying it.  It should take longer and be more difficult but just knowing it's attainable would keep us VIP0 players interested in the game.  The game developers are in this to make money and I get that, but please give consideration to my plea.



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Re: Attaining VIP1

Post2017-10-31 7:51

Maybe they will give it to you after being part of the game for a year.  I have not been ingame that long or even know if the game has been around that long, but that would be a good idea.



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Re: Attaining VIP1

Post2017-11-01 22:37

They should at least do a better job of giving folks a wiff of the benefits.  Say what level the extra daily giftpack is available at (rather than just saying no-pak-for-you)... have time limited trials/demos (giving a VIP4 day to those with VIP1 doesn't get folks over that VIP1 bump)... maybe even purchasable VIP-subscription periods in the gold-store... etc.

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