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Further Vow Arcana.

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Further Vow Arcana.

Post2017-12-15 2:02

Anyone knows further Vow Arcanas from the queens(Hope, Abyss, Ablaze and Love) ?

I've upgraded the vow of the queen of sky to Vow lvl6 and gained it arcana by spending just 10 advanced emblems.

It doesn't look like it's working well. I've done some experiments to check if the arcana works in battles, but never seen the queen heal any of my buddies even though some rage is consumed every round.

So I'm thinking about upgrading another queen, but no idea what to work on next.



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Re: Further Vow Arcana.

Post2017-12-21 10:44

Arcana is supposed to unlock at level 7, not 6.

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