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Blade of Queen--Bug collecting

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Re: Blade of Queen--Bug collecting

Post2017-05-15 4:57

has been reported to gms 2 times so far and posted about in tech difficulties but ill post here as well. since the kings war patch hit ive been unable to access the ultimate battle brackets of sanc arena when it comes up and the button to access it does nothing. this is also affecting all other players of my server(s42) and prevents us from supporting or fixing formation between fights. this has happned 2 times now.



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Re: Blade of Queen--Bug collecting

Post2017-05-23 0:29

I am currently unable to load the game. I was playing and all of a sudden the screen went black. I've tried refreshing for an hours now, i have the bar on the left side of the screen and it loads to 100% and then nothing, just a blank screen. I've missed Faction Wars and World Boss so far. Please fix this asap. I play in server 45.



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Re: Blade of Queen--Bug collecting

Post2017-06-20 0:04

The Bug

I happened to defeat elite Anna before I got my quest from Laughlin, so when I did get the quest to defeat elite Anna, I can't complete the quest. I think that it should complete the quest if you have already beaten the level.


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