Introduction of【Daily Missions】

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Introduction of【Daily Missions】

Post by Angel » 2017-01-07 6:06

The new version of 【Helper】—【Daily Missions】 and 【Battle Capacity Elevation guide】 are official out for heroes~

【Daily Missions】

Click the 【Daily Missions】 below the character profile, you can check the available daily missions clearly and the relevant Activity Rewards

The top in 【Daily Missions】, you will see the today’s Target Quest. Complete the the target quest, you can receive the double activity rewards.

The available target quests will be shown at the top of 【Daily Missions】, completing all the target quests, activity rewards will be doubled

*Need complete target quest first, then the rewards will be doubled

【Battle Capacity】

The Battle Capacity is shown under character profile directly in【Battle Capacity】, click 【Battle Capacity】 to enter 【Stronger】.

Here, Heroes can clearly acknowledge the method to elevate Battle Capacity, acquire Sliver,Reputattion and Exp.Make full use of them~