Introduction of 【Temple of Shadows】

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Introduction of 【Temple of Shadows】

Post by Angel » 2017-01-16 12:36

Requirement of unlocking:

My Heroes when you reach Lv110 and complete the relevant Instance, Temple of Shadows will be unlocked

Click the icon of Temple of Shadows to enter:

Temple of Shadows as follows

Consuming Yellow Emblem to add stats of particularBuddies and comprehend power Deicide Skill

At present, buddies can comprehend Deicide Skillare: Extreme Lea, True Aileen, True Hathor, True Tia and True Elpis.

Requirements to comprehend Deicide Skill

Lv110 Buddy can comprehend —— Rank 5 Order 10

Lv120 Buddy can comprehend —— Rank 8 Order 10

Lv130 Buddy can comprehend —— Rank 13 Order 10

Lv140 Buddy can comprehend —— Rank 16 Order 10

ClickComprehendto consume Yellow Emblem to comprehend DeicideSkill. Each Rank of upgrade will add stats of Buddy.

The specific stats and required Yellow Emblemare subject to the game.

Inheritance of Deicide Skill

When Deicide Skill reachesRank5 Order 1 couldInherit

Common Inheritance need consume plenty of Silverand Yellow Emblem, Deicide Skill decreases 4 Rank.

Cost of Gold Inheritance will increase according to the level of Deicide Skill. After the inheritance Deicide Skill will decreases 2 Rank.

Cost of Common Inheritance

Rank 5 Order1 -- Rank 5 Order10: 20 YellowEmblems+1000K Silver

Rank 6 Order1 -- Rank 6 Order10: 50 YellowEmblems+2000K Silver

Rank 7 Order1 -- Rank 7 Order10: 100 YellowEmblems+8000K Silver

Rank 8 Order1 -- Rank 16 Order10: 500 YellowEmblems+20000K Silver

Cost of Gold Inheritance

Rank 5 Order1 -- Rank 5 Order10: 500 Gold

Rank 6 Order1 -- Rank 6 Order10: 800 Gold

Rank 7 Order1 -- Rank 7 Order10: 1500 Gold

Rank 8 Order1 -- Rank 16 Order10: 2000 Gold

Current Buddy Deicide Skill only can beinherited to other Buddy once.

After the Inheritance, the inheritwill disappear and unable to inherit again. Please be cautious!