Introduction of 【Cross-Server Guild War】

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Introduction of 【Cross-Server Guild War】

Post by Angel » 2017-01-22 6:27

Requirement of unlocking:

My heroes when you reach Lv111 and the your own server meet certain requirement, you will unlock the Cross-Server Guild War.

Rules of Sign-up

1. When the leader of guild sign up for server guildwar, system will auto sign up for cross-server guild war.

2. The time for sign-up is 00:50 Monday--24:00Saturday.

3. The current week top 16 guild of Sanctuary donationcan enter the top 16 of Cross-Server Guild War.

*Heroescan check further information at Mayor in Sanctuary.


1. The Cross-Server Guild War starts at 21:00 of eachSunday, the first round battle stars at 21:05.

2. Random Grouping and interval of each round is 5minutes.

3. Each guild will send out one player for battle, the winner will stay on stage for the next challenger from the opposite guild. When he is defeated, the guild will send out another player .Repeat as this till thelast player of the guild.

4. Players of the guild will be sorted as the order ofbattle capacity, and the weak member will fight first.


1. From the Top 16,participators of each battle will acquire Reputation and Silver Rewards. Thedefeated guild will acquire half of the rewards for the winning guild.

Top 8 Wining Guild Rewards:100 Reputation and 20000 Silver each guild member.

Top 4 Wining Guild Rewards:200 Reputation and 40000 Silver each guild member.

Semi Final Wining Guild Rewards: 500 Reputation and 60000 Silver each guild member.

The Final Wining Guild Rewards: 1000 Reputation and 100000 Silver each guild member.

2. The winners of each battle will acquire 20Reputation and 5000 Silver for their each winning. The defeated will acquire 10Reputation and 1000 Silver.

3. When the Guild of Top 16 is knocked out, allmembers of the guild can acquire the current rank rewards. The more round the guild is promoted, the more rewards will be acquire.

The Champion and Runner-up Guild will acquire extra 3packs which will be distributed by the guild leader. The Champion pack contains equipment scroll, potion and 500K Silver, the Runner-up pack contains equipment scroll or potion and 250K Silver.