Introduction of 【Pet Totem】

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Introduction of 【Pet Totem】

Post by Angel » 2017-02-22 6:05

【Requirement of Unlocking】

My Heroes, when you reach Lv50 and complete the relevant Instance, you are able to unlock Pet Totem.


Provide extra stats for main character and buddies in formation.


After unlocking Pet, click the Totem icon in left corner of Pet to enter.

Main Interface:

There are all 12 pet totems

【Spell Attack】,【Melee Attack】,【Special Attack】



【Critical】,【Wreck】,【Death Strike】

Each Totem can provide the relevant stats bonus for main character and buddies in formation.

*Click the right arrow to check other totems

2.Totem Additional Bonus

The pets you owned will show up below the totem, drag the pet to totem slot, you can acquire the relevant stats bonus

*Each totem has 5 slots, free for one slot at first. The rest slots can be unlocked by Gold. The more pets in the totem, the more stats bonus will get.

Some special pet has their own feature which will be special icon on their avatar.

For example, put the Rabbit Baby with Dodge feature in Dodge Totem, it will double the stats bonus.

Eg: Dodge Totem without Rabbit Baby(Dodge+200)

Eg: Dodge Totem with Rabbit Baby(Dodge+400)Doubled