Introduction of 【 Sacrifice function of Pet Totem】

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Introduction of 【 Sacrifice function of Pet Totem】

Post by Angel » 2017-03-10 6:36

When your pet is leveled up to the stage 4, maybe there are still lots of Pet Original Stones left. How to deal with them? Don’t worry. The sacrifice function of Pet Totem will help you solve this problem. Then Angel will introduce this function to you!

1.【Requirement of unlocking】

The Sacrifice function of Pet Totem is unlocked with the PET.

2.【Upgrade of Sacrifice】

Choose one attribute that you want to enhance, click sacrifice or auto to add the exp of upgrade. (Each Sacrifice will need 100 Pet Original Stones)

For now the upper limit is Stage 6. The Exp for upgrading to different stages is different, the stats bonus of each stage is different as well.


1.The attribute of the totem after Sacrifice has nothing to do with the Pet in totem or the unlocking of more slots. The totem will add stats to all the buddies in team.

2.Upgrade one stage will lights up a light spot.

3.The attribute of totem will be shown after the stats bonus in green

4.If the totem is upgraded to the max, the progress bar will disappear and the button will turn to “Reached the top” and it can’t be clicked.

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