Detailed Introduction of 【Pure Gemstone】

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Detailed Introduction of 【Pure Gemstone】

Post by Angel » 2017-03-23 12:46

【Requirement of unlocking】

My Heroes when you reach Lv130 and complete the relevant Instance, Pure Gemstone will be unlocked


There is only one way to get Pure Gemstone, exchanged by 10 Perfect Gemstone Shards. The Pure Gemstone can be synthesized and stack stats three times.


There are all 6 different Pure Gemstones


The Pure Gemstone exchanged doesn’t have any attribute (Unable to equip).

The Pure Gemstone only can be synthesized by same type Immaculate or Perfect Gemstone to add attributes


Click Synthesize to enter the page as follow:

The first time, put in same type Gemstone, the attributes will be added to Pure Gemstone (The attributes of Gemstones for synthesis is full and the 3 attributes are same to the Pure Gemstone is the Perfect Synthesis which will add extra attributes.)

The second time, put in same type Gemstone, if their attributes are different, there will be no attribute added to Pure Gemstone.(If attributes are different, must be cautious not to click Synthesize because there are only three chances to synthesize).

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