Introduction of 【Holy Spirit Squad】

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Introduction of 【Holy Spirit Squad】

Post by Angel » 2017-04-11 6:19

【Requirement of Unlocking】

My Heroes, when you reach Lv112 and complete the relevant Instance, you are able to unlock Holy Spirit Squad


The mysterious airship in Sanctuary is an important method for Goddesses to transport supplies. Protecting airships from intercepting by Evil Lord will acquire abundant gifts from Goddesses.

1. After you entering Sanctuary, you can find the Mayor and talk to him. Then you will see the interface.

2. Choose Holy Spirit Squad to enter.

Here is the main interface

Click【Escort】to the Start interface, you can refresh the Airship you want to escort.

Choose the Airship, then you can send invitation to all players or High BC players in Sanctuary to assist. Besides, you can invite your friends to assist escort. Successfully assist in escorting, you can acquire rewards too.

Escorting airships can acquire Silver, Reputation, Yellow Emblem. Escorting Supreme Airship can acquire Golden Emblem additionally.

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