Introduction of 【New Pet Functions】

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Introduction of 【New Pet Functions】

Post by Angel » 2017-04-25 8:29

When your pet is upgraded to Stage 4, you can unlock the Pet Rank Upgrade Function. It can increase the stats of your pet and make you acquire Pet Battle Skill.

【Pet Rank Upgrade】

The initial Rank is 1 and you can use Pet Original Stone to Upgrade your pet’s Rank. The highest level is 50 for now.

Each Rank Upgrade will increase your pet’s stats including Melee Attack, Special Attack, Spell Attack, Critical, Accuracy, Wreck and Death strike. The Higher stats your pet is, the higher damage the battle skill will cause.

【Pet Battle Skill】

When your pet rank upgraded to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, different Battle Skills will be unlocked.

Activate Battle Skill will need Pet Skill Book Shards. You can acquire it from official activity.

Skills as follows: (Initial Level is Lv1)

【Spear of Shieldbreak】 (Available for Rank 10)

Deal 81% Special Attack on the opponent with highest Melee Attack and decrease 1 Divine Shield of him additionally

【Lust for Blood】 (Available for Rank 20)

Deal Special Attack on the opponent with highest initial HP, take 31% of his max Hp as attack which can deal at most 110000 damage

【Ruthless Execution】 (Available for Rank 30)

Randomly deal Special Attack on one opponent, if his HP is lower than 11% then deal 52% extra Special damage

【Crack Shot】 (Available for Rank 40)

Increase Accuracy 101%, deal Special Attack (101%+ his Dodge rate) on the opponent with highest Dodge

【Herald of Death】 (Available for Rank 50)

Randomly deal 22% Special Attack on one opponent, ignore all Defence stats and skills (Except Phoenix Bless)

The Battle Skill is Lv1 initially and you can level up it by using Pet Essence. The highest level is Lv40.

Like Awakening Skill, your pet can only take one Skill to battle. It will release every round when your battle is beyond 5 rounds.

Notice: you should choose it in advance so as to release it battle. You can only choose one Battle Skill to equip.

【Pet Star Upgrade】

Pet Skill’s damage is mainly derived from Pet’s Stats. Then there is another way to upgrade your pet’s stats-- Pet Star Upgrade.

You can increase the progress of Star Upgrade by consuming Pet Essence. When it hits 100%, your pet will upgrade one star.

And when the progress bar is up to 60%, it will have a probability to upgrade one star directly. The higher percentage of the progress bar is, the higher probability to upgrade Star directly

Since an update at 04:00 Nov.09 (EST)

The upper limit of Pet Rank is upgraded to Rank 60.

The upper limit of Pet Skill is upgraded to Level 100.

The upper limit of Pet Battle Skill is upgraded to Level 80.

(Upgrading Advanced Pet Battle Skill will consume extra Pet shards.)

The effect of Lv100 Pet Skill:

The effect of lv80 Pet Battle Skill: