Introduction of 【Sanctuary Castle】

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Introduction of 【Sanctuary Castle】

Post by Angel » 2017-07-20 5:35

【Requirement of Unlocking】

when you reach Lv40 and unlock the Sanctuary, you are able to unlock Sanctuary Castle.


Click the Sanctuary icon on the main screen to enter

Choose Sanctuary Castle to enter, interface as follows:

Sanctuary Castles are divided into 6 kinds of castles. There are Common, One-Star, Two-Star, Three-Star, Four-Star, Five-Star Castles. The higher quality of the castle is, the less room the castle will provide, but the more exp will be gained. There are only 5 rooms in Five-Star Castle for players too rest.


Players can enter any room to rest and can rob other’s room.

There will be 10 free robbing chance each day (Reset next day), if you use them up, you can use Gold to purchase extra chances.

There will be a Cooldown time between each robbing.

If players are robbed in Star-Castle and lose the battle, then system will help you collect your Exp and you will go to Common Castle and restart the Exp gaining.

【Exp Gaining】

During the resting in castle, you can collect Exp anytime, but you can rest in castles at most 12 hours. After 12 hours, you can’t gain any Exp, only when you collect the Exp or robbed by other players.

Tip: One player only can rest in one room.