Goddess of Meteor 【Asteria】Character Archive

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Goddess of Meteor 【Asteria】Character Archive

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Asteria is a special buddy whose class is Warlock. Can be obtainedfrom official activity.

Introductionof Asteria:

Asteriais is the Goddess of Meteor who hides herself in the tavern as a bartender. She released her power in Goddess faction war to help the Sanctuary villagers repelthe Evil Fiend. Her Rose Rain can notonly provide herself special damage reduction, but also increase her teammates'battle ability and wipe out her enemies at the same time.


Str 200

Vol 900

Int 850

SpecialSkill: Hearted Kiss

Special Attack affects a file, increase Deathstrike Lv of wholeteam for 2 rounds, decrease 20% ATK and 10% Accuracy of targets for 3 rounds,remain 50 Rage

Asteria doesn’t need to become True in Temple of light. When she meetsthe requirement of level, she can comprehend Deicide Skill in Temple of Shadowdirectly.

Asteria'sDeicide Skill will be unlocked in the future version


Afterreaching Lv110 and unlockTemple of Shadows, can use YellowEmblem+ Asteria Shards to comprehend Deicide Skill

DeicideSkill upgraded to Rank 8 Order10 could comprehend Roses of Love

SpecialAttack affects a file, increase Deathstrike Lv of whole team for 3 rounds,decrease 20% ATK and 10% Accuracy of targets for 3 rounds (effects can be stacked),remain 45 Rage.

DeicideSkill upgraded to Rank 16Order 10 couldcomprehend Deadly Roses Rain

Special Attackaffects a file, increase Deathstrike Lv of whole team for 3 rounds, decrease30% ATK and 20% Accuracy of targets for 4 rounds (effects can be stacked).Comprehending extra passive skill Guard of Roses, permanently reduce 70%Special Attack Damage from her enemies, remain 40 Rage.

【Introductionof Temple of Shadows】