Introduction of Treasure Island

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Introduction of Treasure Island

Post by Angel » 2017-08-16 5:27

Requirements of unlcoking:
Reach Lv 150 and completing relevant Main Quests

Click the icon to enter Treasure Island.

There are 3 levels of Treasure Island: Common,Hard and Elite. Everyday,each player will receive 3 free challenge chances. Player can spend Gold purchasing extra challenge chances.

Player will enter the certain Map after selecting the level:

In the Treasure Island, there are several special resources:
Step: Step is the basic of the game. Each move will consume one Step. Consume 10 Gold to purchase an extra Step.
Each challenge will give 45 free Steps.
Skip: Skip can be used to skip such negative events like Monster Ambush, Tarot, etc.
Consume 10 Gold to purchase an extra Skip chance. Each challenge will give 2 free Skip chances.
Points: Each move will increase one Point. Random events will also influence the Points.
The more Points you got, the more Drawing Rounds and the better rewards you will receive after completing the challenge.

Player can click the white area to move forward. There are only four directions: Up ,Down, Left and Right. During the discovery in Treasure Island, player will meet different events. After defeating the BOSS which locates at the very right of Treasure Island, player can pass the challenge.

There are two kinds of events: Invisible events& Visible events. Invisible events mean that player can find and trigger them only when they reach the certain position. Player can find visible events when they came near them by 1 grid. Both invisible and visible events will disappear after triggered.

Invisible Events:

a) Monster Ambush-The strength of the Monster depends on the level selected. Defeating the monster will increase 3 Current Points. Player will lose 2 points if defeated by the Monster.
b) Exotic Merchant-Player can buy Steps, Skip Chances and Gift Packs from Exotic Merchant.
c) Illumination-Every Visible Event will be showed in map.
d) Mysterious Chest-Player will obtain random gift pack.

Visible Events:

a) Portal-Player will be sent to random position in the area.
b) Goddess Inspiring-Player’s Melee Attack, Spell Attack and Special Attack will be improved in the next fight.
c) Goddess Blessing-Player’s Melee Defence, Spell Defence and Special Defence will be improved in the next fight.
d) Tarot-Player can pick one Goddess Card. Randomly add or deduct current points.

*Player can click Re-draw to pick Forest Goddess directly, if he hasn’t picked Forest Goddess.
*If player has picked Goddess of Abyss and doesn’t want to use Gold to Re-draw, he can click Skip. So the Current Points won’t be changed.

Players can click Quit button, if they can’t defeat the Boss. Giving up the current challenge won’t receive any rewards.
Start challenging from the common one will be better. Choose the most suitable one to challenge every day.