Introduction to Equipment Divinization

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Introduction to Equipment Divinization

Post by Angel » 2017-08-16 6:11

Requirements of unlocking:
When the equipment upgraded to Lv 150 and enhancement Lv is Stelliferrian Lv1, Divinization function will be unlocked.



When the level of equipment reaches Lv150—Abyssal, the enhancement level is Stelliferrian Lv1, Divinization tab will appear in Enhance. Click it to divinize your equipment.

Divinization needs consume a certain number of Refining Stones and Gold. Refining Stone can be acquired from Treasure Island.
>>>Introduction of Treasure Island

Consumption of Divinization:

*Equipment mentioned above haven’t been divinized.

Consumption of Upgrading Goddess Equipment:

*Consumption mentioned above is in the case of collecting all materials.

After the Divinization, the equipment will own special looks. Not only basic stats will be increased, but also the Enhancement and Channelling Stats. In other words, the divinized equipment will gain more stats from enhancement and channeling than common equipment.

After divinizing all 6 pieces of same level equipment, relevant Hrocrus :Soul of Goddess will be activated. Extra Stats and awesome look will be acquired (Only for main character)

*Heroes can only activate one Soul of Goddess from different levels, they can’t exist at the same time.

The equipment can still be upgraded with level of main character to become higher Lv Artifact after divinization. The requirements are materials of common equipment +a few Refining Stones+ Gold.

After divinization, you will get new Sub-stats of your equipment. There is only one initial sub-stat which can be refined by Refining Stone or Gold.

During the refining, there is a chance to get a second stat even a third stat. Using Gold will increase the chance to get better stats and more stats.

Refining of divinized equipment id different from Gemstone Retraining. One piece of equipment can get 3 same stats by refining. When the 3 same stats are all orange, then an extra stat will be gained.

After the divinization, heroes can upgrade star of divinized equipment ,which can increase the stats of equipment by a large margin. But upgrading star need consume Refining Stones, Sacred Steel , Gold, and reaching to certain Battle Capacity. For now equipment only can be upgraded to Three-Star.

Sacred Steel can be acquired from Daily Missions.