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Introduction of 【Imprint】

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Introduction of 【Imprint】

Post2017-08-28 9:06

【Requirement of unlocking】

  Available after unlock Outfit function.


  Click the button above Costumes in Outfits.

【Function Interface】

  As the following picture shows



     Only available for the permanent outfits. Stats of those time-limited outfits can not be imprinted to Rune.


     Choose one outfit and click the Imprint button. Then one random piece of stat will be added to Rune Stats on the right. Click Save and the stat will be imprinted to Rune.  

  3.Stats Stacking:

     Same stats of different outfits can stack when imprinted to Rune. Enable heroes to make their own Rune.

  4.Stats Reset:

     If you save the stat that you don’t want, please don’t worry. Click Imprint button. One new stat will appear. Click Save button to replace the former stat.


     First imprint of every outfit will be free. Then 50 Gold will be consumed to reset the stat.


【Rune Upgrade】

  Please pay attention, Rune can be upgraded. The higher level Rune is, the more stats it can be imprinted with and the more stats bonus it will have.

  1.Primary Rune

     Primary Rune can be imprinted with HP, Melee Attack, Special Attack, Spell Attack, Melee Defense, Special Defense, offering stats bonus to Main Character  only. Consume Golden Emblem to upgrade Primary Rune. Each click will cost 2 Golden Emblems, adding 1-5 points to the progress bar randomly. When the bar reaches 300, Primary Rune will be turned into Middle Rune. 

  2.Middle Rune

     Middle Rune can imprinted with Accuracy, Dodge, Critical, Resistance, Wreck, Block, Deathstrike and Shield, etc, offering stats bonus to Main Character and Buddies in team (except Reinforcement buddies). Consume Golden Emblem to upgrade Middle Rune to Advanced Rune. Each click will cost 5 Golden Emblems. When the progress bar reaches 400, Middle Rune will be turned into Advanced Rune.

  3.Advanced Rune

     Advanced Rune can be imprinted with all kinds of stats, offering stats bonus to Main Character, Buddies in team and Reinforcement Buddies.

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