Introduction of【 Mining Scramble】

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Introduction of【 Mining Scramble】

Post by Angel » 2017-08-29 6:59

【Requirements of Unlocking】

When you reach Lv41 and complete relevant Main Quests, you can unlock the Mining Scramble.


Enter Sanctuary and click the Mayor to participate in the Mining Scarmble.

Interface as follow:



1. Click the Join button to sign up. When there are 20 players, the battle will start.

2. There 2 minutes for you to prepare before the battle. You can adjust your formation and skills

3. The battle last for 10 minutes.

4. You can leave the Mine during the Mining Scramble which will not be considered as quit. You can come back any time before the end of the battle

Victory Requirements

1. The first faction to get 500 Scores will get the victory

2. When the both factions have already got 500scores, the faction get higher Mining scores will get the victory

3. When the two factions have the same scores, the faction with higher Battle scores will get the victory

4.The member of victorious faction will receive 300 extra scores, the failure will receive 150 scores each

【Scores Rewards】

There are two kinds of scores: Personal Scores & Faction Scores

①Collecting Ore will add 10 Faction Scores which only can be acquired from collecting ores

②Personal Score:

Collecting Ore: 10 Scores

Challenge Player and defeat him: 3 Scores

Challenge player and lost the battle: 2 Scores

Challenged by other player and lost the battle: 1 Score

The first three times of Mining Scramble each will provide extra 500 Scores

Note: Personal Scores can be used to exchange for rewards in Scores Store

【Scores Ranking & Rewards】

Scores Ranking refreshes every week. The Ranking is sorted out according to the scores get from Monday 13:00 –Wednesday 23:20 EST. The Ranking is settled at Wednesday 23:20 EST each week. Reward will be sent by mail.

Note: The scores will be reset each week.

There are two rankings, one is Server Ranking, it records players’ scores from all servers.

The other one is Sanctuary Ranking which records players’ scores of your Sanctuary.

The Top 10 of each ranking will receive abundant rewards as follows: