Introduction of【 Goddess Occult】

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Introduction of【 Goddess Occult】

Post by Angel » 2017-09-12 3:19

【Requirements of unlocking】

When you reach Lv90 and complete relevant Main Quests, you can unlock the Goddess Occult.


Click the Occult button in Char to enter



1.Increase the Affinity of Goddess of Light can acquire Defence related stats. Goddess of Abyss will give Attack related stats.

2.Players can spend Silver, Godly Points and Goddess Kisses (acquired from Conquer The Goddess) immolating to Goddess of Light and Goddess of Abyss. When it reaches specified number, stage of Affinity will be upgraded and you will receive stats bonus.

3.When Affinity of both Goddesses reaches Stage 5, the relevant Goddess Love will be unlocked.

4.In Goddess Love function, players can spend Silver and Goddess Love (acquired from Conquer The Goddess) or Gold upgrading the Star of Love. The higher level of Star of Love is, the better stats will be acquired from remolding. Spending Silver and Godly Points or Gold can remold Stats of Love. Spending will have higher chances to get rare stats.

When Star of Love gets to 9, rare stats can be acquired from, remolding.

Rare stats from Goddess of Abyss: Rage Saving, ATK Shield Crash

Rare stats from Goddess of Light: HP Max, Divine Shield

5.When Affinity reaches stage 9 and Star of Love get to 4 (Both of two Goddess), the Inherit function will be unlocked

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