Introduction of 【Conquer The Goddess】

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Introduction of 【Conquer The Goddess】

Post by Angel » 2017-09-12 3:39

【Requirements of unlocking】
When you reach Lv90 and complete relevant Main Quests, you can unlock the Conquer The Goddess.
Players can obtain Goddess Kiss and Goddess Love by challenging sections in Conquer The Goddess, which can be used to improve stats of Character and some Buddies in Goddess Occult.

Click the icon
on the main screen to enter.


On the left is the Status of Buddy. Players can click Formation to arrange the team. The team cannot be changed during the challenge. Players can draw the reward cards after each successful challenge. Players can also use stars to choose the Buff or Recovery. On the right is the Current Stars and Buff.

1. Each player will receive one free chance to challenge every day. Players can use Gold to refresh the sections. The higher level and stats players got,the stronger the monsters are.

2. During challenge, players are not allowed to change the buddies in team.When challenging the next section, the state won't be reset.

* Players can put reinforcement buddy in to team if buddies die after the battle
* Players have to put the reinforcement into the team if there are only reinforcement buddy left.

3. Players will receive a chance to draw cards to win rewards and exchange stars for different kinds of buff. Three cards appear at the same time. It’s free to draw for the first time. 50 Gold and 100 Gold is needed for the second and the third time.

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