Shimmer Demon【Sariel】Character Archive

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Shimmer Demon【Sariel】Character Archive

Post by Angel » 2017-10-19 5:28

Shimmer Demon is a special buddy whose class is Warrior. Can be obtained from official activity.

【Introduction of Sariel】:

Shimmer Demon-Sariel: She is the Dark demon who was born in the depths of the Sanctuary. But she can use Light Power. Her spear appeared to be handmade, which is made of the squama of pterodactyl and by the Sanctuary artisan. So it has the power which can impale all defenses.

【Initial Stats】:

Str 850

Vol 700

Int 150

Special Skill: 【Blade Flurry】

Special Attack affects a row, increase the Accuracy and Block. It can't be critical but ignore all Defence stats and skills (Except Phoenix Bless). Remain 55 rage after using

*Sariel doesn’t need to become True in Temple of light and she doesn’t need to comprehend Deicide Skill in Temple of Shadow.