【Introduction of St.Antique Befalling】

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【Introduction of St.Antique Befalling】

Post by Angel » 2017-11-22 7:10

【Requirements of unlocking】

Reach Lv 120 and completing relevant Main Quests


Click the icon on the main screen to enter. The main interface as follow:


In the St.Antique Befalling, player can draw to get Saint Shards and Crystals and use them to activate and upgrade St.Antique.

>>Click to check the details of St.Antique Quenching

1. Common Draw

Draw: Player can spend 10000K Silver drawing to randomly obtain rewards and have a chance to get Saint Shards

Draw 10 times: Drawing with Silver 10 times will definitely gain Saint Shards and it has 10% discount.

*Each player will have 1 Common Draw chance daily freely.(It will reset every day, please use it timely.)

*One player can do the Draws with Silver 30 times at most every day.

2. Advanced Draw

Draw: Using 100 Gold to draw will acquire some rare rewards and have a chance to get Saint Shards or Crystals

Draw 10 times: Drawing with Gold 10 times will definitely gain 2 Crystals at least! It has 10% discount too.

*VIP 13 Privilege: V13 player will have 3 Advanced Draws chance daily freely.( The chances will be reset daily, please use them timely.)

*Tip: 1. About the Saint Shards you have acquired, you need to double click them in the bag to open it.

2. You can check your current Saint Shards in the Temple of Shadow- Saint Shards