【Introduction of St.Antique Quenching】

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【Introduction of St.Antique Quenching】

Post by Angel » 2017-11-22 7:20

【Requirements of unlocking】

Some specific buddies whose deicide skill reaches Rank 8 Order 10, player can use Saint Shard to activate his St.Antique.


Click the icon on the main screen to enter. The main interface as follow:



Choose the buddy who has St.Antique and click Activate, it will consume corresponding Saint Shard.

It is open for these buddies: True Shadow, Athena, Asteria, Hera,Pandora, True Frigga, True Accolade,True Lich Regina, True Della and True Shyvana.

>>Click to check the details of access to Saint Shard


After activating St.Antique, player can unlock St.Antique Quenching.

The main interface as follow:

Click Quenching to quench the St.Antique.

Initial Stats refer to the attributes St.Antique has now, New Stats shows the result you have quenched. Player can choose Save or Cancel as your will.

*Auto:After ticking the stats you want, player can do the Auto- Quenching. When the stats increase, it will save automatically.


When two stats of St.Antique are full at least, player can choose to upgrade it. And it will consume Saint Shards.

Upgrading different stage will consume different amounts of Saint Shards.

*Requirement to activate:

Activate Stage 1 need shard: 1

Activate Stage 2 need shard: 5

Activate Stage 3 need shard: 10

Activate Stage 4 need shard: 20

Activate Stage 5 need shard: 40

Activate Stage 6 need shard: 80

Activate Stage 7 need shard: 120

Activate Stage 8 need shard: 200

Activate Stage 9 need shard: 300

Activate Stage 10 need shard: 450

Activate Stage 11 need shard: 600

4.Passive Skill

When the level of St.Antique is up to certain level, corresponding St.Antique Skill will be unlocked! Advanced St.Antique will unlock Buddy Exclusive Special Skill.


Player can exchange one Saint Shard for another Saint Shard in the Temple of Shadow-Exchange.

Notice: Exchange Ratio of Saint Shard : Crystal is 2:1

Exchange Ratio of Saint Shard : Another Saint Shard is 2:1

Exchange Ratio of Crystal : Saint Shard is 1:1

6.Saint Shards

Player can out your mouse on the Saint Shards to check the amounts of your current Saint Shard.