Bead Skill Introduction (Inside Pagoda Feature)

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Bead Skill Introduction (Inside Pagoda Feature)

Post by Goddess » 2016-05-06 15:47

Bead Skill Introduction (Inside Pagoda Feature)

Dear STK Players,

After our latest update, May 5th 2016, you can find Element Bead Skill in the Pagoda feature,
Bead Skill will be opened after your consciousness experience more than 3,750 points.

You can click ‘Enchant’ to select the Element of Bead Skill that you want to use.

There are 5 total elements are available : woodsoilwaterfiregolden
Each element have it’s own weakness and superiority compare to another element.
For example : wood more superior than soil; soil more superior than water, etc.

1. Soil

2. Water

3. Fire

4. Metal

5. Wood

Each element have special and unique skill which have maximum 12 levels.
Golden Rainbow (Metal) :increase three attack for carrier; by using it, P.attack can reduce target's defense

Wood Transplant (Wood) :when the carrier receive too many damage, all the receiver's damage will reduce

Down to Earth (Soil) :when the carrier attack the low HP target, target will receive additional damage

Back Water (Water) :the carrier do P.attack can get additional rage,when reach high level, can reduce target's rage

Fire Born (Fire):when the carrier's HP is low, launch P.attack can absorp target's HP

Notice :
When attacking the enemy with more superior element (example : Fire against Water)
The bead skill from the weaker elements will automatically degrade for 2 level.

There are 12 levels totally from the available Bead Skill. Bead Skill can be increased by upgrading the total Exp from all Consciousness that set on the Bead.

The required total Exp is in the following table :

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Keep the warrior spirit, happy gaming !

Warmest Regards,

STK Operational Team