Pagoda Feature Introduction

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Pagoda Feature Introduction

Post by Goddess » 2016-05-06 16:19

Pagoda Feature Introduction

Dear STK Players,

The following is the detail introduction about Pagoda feature.
Pagoda feature can be accessed after reach to Lv 160 and completed all of mission.

After entering the Pagoda feature, you can see the following display :

Inside the Pagoda feature, there are 2 features which can increase your formation attributes (valid both for the main character and partner) :

1. Consciousness (Consc.)
Consc. can be collected by doing the ‘Spin’ in Pagoda feature.
There are some Consc. level that can be get : Green, Blue, Purple, Golden.
The better quality of Consc, the higher attribute can be got.
There are various Consc can be collected :
Green Dragon add Magic attribute;
White tiger add Strength attribute;
Vermillion Bird add Skill attribute,
Tortoise add HP

Consc. level can be increased by ‘Fuse’ other Consc.
The fuse method is similar with the ‘Constellation’ feature.
The high level of Consc will swallow the lower Consc;
The high quality of Consc. will swallow the lower quality of Consc.
The higher level of Consc, the attribute will be higher as well.
Moreover, each time you ‘Spin’ in Pagoda, you also will get some Consc. that can be collected to upgrade the Consc. level.
All of Consc. that you already collected, can be set on available slot in the Beads.
Notice : The ‘Extract’ Consc. chances from Pagoda feature, is only limited in 5 pieces Consc/ day.

2. Spirit Beads
There are 3 ‘Spirit Beads’ that can be seen in the left side panel of Pagoda feature.
In each ‘Spirit Beads’, there are 3 available slots which can be set with the Consc. that you already got.

The Upper Spirit Beads will add the attributes of your partners/ main char that set on the upper line of formation.
The Middle Spirit Beads will add the attributes of your partners / main char that set on the middle line of formation.
The Lower Spirit Beads will add the attributes of your partners/ main char that set on the lower line of formation.
These three Spirit Beads also can be polished to get Attribute that can increase character’s attribute in the related line of formation.
The polish method is similar with the ‘Warrior Spirit’ method.
The needed materials are Golden Soulstone Fragment and Coins.

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Keep the warrior spirit, happy gaming !

Warmest Regards,

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