Brief Introduction of Treasure Map Exchange

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Brief Introduction of Treasure Map Exchange

Post by Goddess » 2016-07-08 7:49

Brief Introduction of Treasure Map Exchange

Dear STK Players,

In Sexy Three Kingdoms, you will get a lot of new adventure and experience .
In this occasion we introduce you the new feature :

Treasure Map Exchange

You can see Treasure Map Exchange feature in Penglai Nirvana , NPC Da ShiJie

You can collect Rare Treasure Map Fragment and exchange it into Rare Treasure Map .

So, Where do we can get Rare Treasure Map Fragment ?

To get it, you need guidance from Advance Treasure Map (can be obtained from our official event).

Following the Advance Treasure Map, you will get many valuable items, one of them is Rare Treasure Map.

So, are you dare to join this challenging treasure hunt adventure ?

If you have any question or need assistance, don’t be hesitate to contact us at :
Also don’t forget to visit our official Facebook FanPage in this following link :

Keep the warrior spirit ! Happy Gaming !

Warmest Regards,

STK Operational Team