【Brief Introduction of Global Challenge Match】

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【Brief Introduction of Global Challenge Match】

Post by Goddess » 2016-07-12 11:45

Brief Introduction of Global Challenge Match

Dear STK Players,

To increase your gaming experience, STK Operational Team presents you :
Global Challenge Match !

In this Global Challenge Match, we give you experience to have all kind of Saint in your formation,
use the high level of Bead Skill, and also high level of Talent and Skill for your main character and your partner !

Are you wonder how it can work ? Come and challenged yourself in Global Challenge Match by clicking this icon :

Event Requirement : Reach Lv 97 and complete the corresponding main mission.

A. Competition Rule :
1. Global Challenge Match Point divide into 8 groups : A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
2. Each day at 12.00 GMT+8, 18.00 GMT+8, the system will refresh 5 opponents for free.
Each day can challenge 20 times for free.
3. Challenging the opponent can get points, lose in the battle will deduct your point.
4. 5 days before ranking point term, each night at 12 GMT+8, the system will grant the rewards based on each group point name list.
5. Until the 5th day at 24.00 GMT+8, before the group point ranking term, 8 players can participate in the Ultimate
Challenge Match
6. Ultimate Challenge Match is divided into Dragon and Tiger list, use two out of three sets match,
to find the winner in Dragon and Tiger Group.
7. The winner in Dragon and Tiger list will proceed the grand champion in match.

B. Competition Process :
1. You can proceed sign up formation in the 1st day by clicking 'Party' inside the feature interface.

Many function you can do inside the 'Party' function, such as :
- Set your favourable Partner inside your formation

- Set your Bead Skill :

- Set your Main Char & Partner's Talent Skill

- Set your Main Char & Partner's Attribute

- Angel Skill

Notice : You won't be able to challenge the opponent, if you don't proceed sign up formation.

2. 2nd day to 6th day evening 24:00 GMT+8 proceed single rank match
3. 7th day afternoon 16:00 proceed Ultimate Challenge Match Qualification
4. 7th day afternoon 17:00 proceed Top 16 Ultimate Challenge Match
5. 7th day afternoon 18:00 proceed Top 8 Ultimate Challenge Match
6. 7th day evening 19:00 proceed Quarter Final of Ultimate Challenge Match
7. 7th day evening 20:00 proceed Semifinal of Ultimate Challenge Match
8. 7th day evening 21:00 proceed Final of Ultimate Challenge Match
9. 7th day evening 22:00 proceed Dragon and Tiger Grand Champion Match

If you have any question or need assistance, don’t be hesitateto contact us at : cs@carolgames.com
Also don’t forget to visit our official Facebook FanPage in this following link :

Keep the warrior spirit ! Happy Gaming !

Warmest Regards,

STK Operational Team