【Introduction of Warrior Spirit and Military Record】

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【Introduction of Warrior Spirit and Military Record】

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Introduction of Warrior Spirit and Military Record

I.Military Record

1) Feature requirement : can be opened if already reach to Lv 46 and pass Mei Wu (9) mission.
2) Feature effect : provide the stage mission, clear the mission can get experience,
  have probability to get Warrior Spirit.
3) Click on ‘Military Record’ Icon can enter the feature.
Point your mouse on the stage mission to show the output items and the required level.

4. Stage Mission Classification (According to the level to open) and output items :
Lv 46 ------------- Stage Wu ----------------- Rune 1
Lv 56 ------------- Stage Tong --------------- Rune 2
Lv 76 ------------- Stage Hu Lao ------------ Rune 3
Lv 96 ------------- Stage Han Gu ----------- Rune 4
Lv 106 ----------- Stage Yang Ping -------- Rune 5
Lv 116 ----------- Stage Jia Meng --------- Rune 6

5. Each stage mission have 25 round
First you need to challenge based on the challenge order,
challenge process have probability to get the corresponding rune.
When you meet unable to pass the stage mission, you can select to refresh the stage mission.

After refresh the stage mission, can select the already challenged stage mission before.

VIP 0 – VIP 2 players have 1 time daily free refresh , unable to refresh again later
VIP 3 – VIP 12 players have 1 time daily free refresh, able to continue refresh by spending some gold.
Maximum daily gold refresh 5 time. First gold refresh 100 Gold, next gold refresh add 100 Gold.

Notice :
Each stage mission in Military record only can be passed 1 time.
If already cleared 25th round directly, this stage mission will be closed, unable to be challenged again.
Therefore, if your level had not reached to the next stage mission, we suggest you to challenge only 24 rounds.
Thus you will have chance for daily 1 time free refresh, automatically challenge 24 rounds,
but you are unable to exchange with rune, exchange rune need to clear the stage mission.
However, it’s up to you to clear the stage mission or not.

II. Rune

1. Open condition : reach Lv 46 and clear Mei Wu (9) mission
2. Rune effect : will get rune attribute through activation and polish rune.
After put on the weapon, can upgrade the attribute of your main character and partner
3. Rune classification :
Rune is classified based on the 6 position : L. Rune 1, L.Rune 2, L.Rune 3, R.Rune 1, R.Rune 2, R.Rune 3
Based on quality rune is classified as :
Low Rune (Blue) ----- Common Rune (Purple)--- Advanced Rune (Golden) ------ Special Rune (Red)
Low Rune (Blue) can be dropped out from Military Record
Common Rune (Purple) can be dropped out from Military Record, use spirit stone to buy with rune
Advanced Rune (Golden) and Special Rune (Red) only can be obtained by exchanging golden spirit stone
4. Rune Attribute Activation and Polish
Activation : a new rune default only have 1 initial attribute.
Click the polish button, you can select to spend gold activation to activate the 2 others attribute.
Each activation need 20 Gold.

Polish :
You can use free polish (3 times everyday), use spirit stone to polish, or gold polish
You can do single polish or batch polish (open in VIP 5)
First use spirit stone by default. After spirit stone is used up, can use gold to polish

After selecting the desireable attribute, can select lock attribute.
After you lock the attribute, the next polish will only change the unlock attribute

After all are polished, put on the weapon inset, can add the weapon attribute

Tips :
Each Gold batch polish certainly come out highest attribute.
Each batch polish with no locked attribute spend 100 Gold,
batch polish with 1 locked attributes need 200 Gold,
batch polish with 2 locked attributes need 300 Gold.

III.Special Rune

1. Requirement : using golden spirit stone to exchange. 10 golden spirit stone can be exchanged with one special rune
2. The characteristic of special rune : have no attribute, unable to polish,
need to be fused with other runes to get attribute. Can be fused 3 times
3. Fusing method : click the fuse button

After entering the fuse interface, drag the special rune the ‘Main’ position,
then drag the needed rune into the ‘Swallowed’ position,
the lowest column showed the new special attribute after swallow other rune.
Click the ‘Fuse’ button to finish it. Special rune can fuse 3 others rune.

4. Perfect Fuse
Definition :
Polishing all of three rune attribute to the highest value (red value)
then fuse it is called as perfect fuse. This perfect fuse will add additional attribute.
The most perfect fuse is fusing the three already polished rune to the highest value,
and their three attributes are all the same.
Tips : fusing the special rune with golden rune and make the perfect fuse is the best.
This can give to the best result.
Example :
The screenshot below is the perfect fuse with 3 golden runes.
The attributes are HP, Skill Attack and Toughness

The highest value of one golden rune is : HP+15,000 ; Skill Attack+2,500 ; Toughness+120.
Total value of three golden stones should be HP+ 45,000 ; Skill Attack + 7,500; Toughness +360
After perfect fuse the new attributes of golden stone is HP+56,250; Skill Attack+9,375; Toughness+450

IV.Repolish Rune

Requirements :
-The recent re-polish rune can only applied to Advanced Rune and Special Rune,
other Rune doesn’t have this feature.
- Re-polish / re-forging function will be opened if you already made the most perfect fuse.
(make the perfect fuse 3 times, with the same series of attributes for all three golden rune)
Click on the Special Rune, select the ‘Re-forging’ option

Example :
You make the perfect fuse with attribute : HP +15,000 ; Skill Attack +2,500; Toughness+120
If you want to make the most perfect fuse, you have do it 3 times with the same series of above attributes
(HP +15,000 ; Skill Attack +2,500; Toughness+120)

In re-polish interface can select rune attribute at will, then save it.
The first re-polish need 3,000 Gold,
the amount of gold expend will increase progressively in the next polish.

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Keep the warrior spirit ! Happy Gaming !

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