Introduction of Saint Weapon Temper

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Introduction of Saint Weapon Temper

Post by Goddess » 2016-08-24 16:38

Introduction of Saint Weapon Temper

Requirements : can be opened if the level of Saint General has reached Lv 110
Function : upgrade Saint attribute, add Saint Weapon skill

Detail Introduction of the feature (example Saint Ma Chao)
I. Unlocking 'Temper' function
Click Partner skill -- select Saint Ma Chao – click Unlock

Notice :
1. Saint Weapon Fragment is described as the corresponding partner’s weapon fragment,
for example : Saint Ma Chao weapon fragment is Overlord Spear Fragment
(can be obtained through the event or exchange with Empyrean Stone)
2. Saint Weapon Soul is described as the corresponding partner’s weapon Saint Weapon fragment,
for example : for Saint Ma Chao is Overlord Spear Fragment,
have probability to be obtained through Advance Treasure Map or through official event.

II. Temper
After Unlock, click Temper to enter Temper feature

Temper feature have ‘Temper’ and ‘One Click’ Temper option.
It needs coins to temper, the coins expenditure can be seen inside the game interface.

Temper :
Clicking Temper will show changing attribute status, click ‘Save’ to keep the present attribute,
click ‘Cancel’ to change the present result.
The checked (V) attribute function is when the attribute number is green (+0/ +N) will appear ‘Save’ button.

One Click Temper :
One click temper need at least one checked attribute to be proceeded,
At this time we check (V) Strength and Skill

The function of check (V) when present attribute appear green (+0/ +N) will be directly saved.
When check two attributes , they will be saved when the present two attributes appear green.
After at least two attributes are full, player can upgrade Saint Weapon through ‘Break’ function.
Break need to spend Saint Weapon fragment and Saint Weapon Soul

When Saint Weapon is upgraded to stipulated grade, will unlock Saint Weapon skill.
The following screenshot is 3rd Grade Saint Weapon, unlocked the (Remove Status) skill.

The requirements to unlock Saint Weapon skill will be displayed, at this time only open several skill,
next time will be more.