Introduction of 'Pet' Feature

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Introduction of 'Pet' Feature

Post by Goddess » 2016-10-11 9:03

Introduction of 'Pet' Feature

1. Opening feature : Lv 120 (complete YanShi (1)

2. Feature Benefit : sharply increase Attack & Defense Attribute, enrich the game

3. Feature Entrance and feature interface :
a. Pet Icon

b.Pet Altar

c. Pet Room and Interface
Entry:’Room’ icon in the bottom right corner of Pet Altar

Interface :

4. Detail of Feature Introduction

【Pet Altar】
1.Player can spend Coins or Gold to call the pet, get corresponding item of pet system :
 a. Coin call : Each single call spend 300,000 Coins,
  everyday can make single call 10 times, coin call 10x spend 2,700,000 Coins,
  Everyday can make coin call 20 times.
 b.Gold Call : Single Call spend 50 Gold; Gold Call 10x spend 450 Gold.

2.Call Item :
 a. Low Ration, Medium Ration, Advanced Ration : can be used for feeding the pet, upgrade Pet Level.
 b. Pet Fragment:can be used to upgrade Pet Star
 c. Pet Card:automatically decompose into the same kind of Pet Fragment*10,
  speed up collecting the Pet fragment

 Special Tips  :White Tiger Pet, Squirrel Pet Fragment can’t be obtained from Pet Altar.

【Pet Room】

1.Pet Star :
a. Use Pet Fragment to Upgrade
b. From 0 Star to 5 Star successively spend Pet Fragment as follow : 10/50/100/200/400;
c. Pet Star affect directly pet’s growth attribute(Different Pet maybe the same);
d. If the Pet have no star, can’t be fed and others handling.
e. After the Pet Star reach 5 star, can add check to select “follow”, }
Pet can follow beside the main character.
Pet follow and others follow card can co-exist.

2.Pet Level :
a. Pet can be upgraded by consuming all kinds of pet ration;
b. Pet level affect Pet’s basic attributes.

3. Pet Attribute:
a. Growth Attribute :different pet growth, different attribute ,can be increased through star upgrading.
b. Basic Attribute:equivalent to partner’s three attributes, basic attribute = growth attribute*pet level
c. Advance Attribute:Advance Attribute = Basic Attribute*10
(Exception for HP : Advance HP attribute = Basic HP attribute*1)

4. Pet Master :
a. Each Pet only know 1 partner inside the formation as master
b. After Pet Master, advanced attribute directly add the advance attribute of the lord.
c. Pet can change the master, repeat the Pet Master.

5. Inheritance of Pet Level(picture as follow):
a. Coin Inherit :Spend 20,000,000 coins;
b. Gold Inherit :Spend 2,000 Gold;
c. Details indication of level inheritance interface:
transformation level of inherit or be inherited pet,
please select the inherit mode after check it carefully.

6. Pet Skill Activation and Pet Skill:
a. Pet Skill Activation :Spend Partner Talent Point
(can take into effect after activation)

b. Pet Skill:
Gold Fish(Assist Element):Sea Blood—make the master immune to rage reduction debuff
Night Owl(Assist Element) :Time Retrace—let the master release from deadly damage once
Panda(Defense Element):Come Back to Play—Help the Master relieve from sleep deeply, Stun, Disorder debuff
White Tiger(Defense Element):Add Golden Armor— First Round add 10 layers of Golden Armor for whole teammate.
Squirrel (Defense Element):Add Guard—First Round add 800 pts of Guard for whole teammate,
continue for 30 rounds
Cow(Attack Element):Warlord — Let main character’s attack reduce 15% ratio of Block from the target.
Fox(Attack Element):Battle inspiration—add main character’s 20% Attack
Deer(Attack Element):Increase Hit——In the first round add 800 Hit level for whole teammate.
(At this time, this pet is not yet available.)

Pet Skill in special game feature have different setting :
1. Overthrone Battlefield :Pet Skill goes into effect in the first round, later attribute won’t deducted, the skill can’t be repeated.
2. Nirvana Hegemony :Pet Skill goes into effect each round, later each round deduct the former round attribute.
3. Hua Rong Road : Pet Skill goes into effect each round, later attribute won’t deducted, skill can’t be repeated.
4. Single/ Inter-Server Guild War : Pet Skill only go into effect in the first battle, later battle deduct buff.

Thank you for your time and support, we will keep bringing more and more updates on the future.
Feel free to contact STK’s CS team at : if you need any help or further assistance.

Best Regards,

STK Operational Team