Introduction of 'Gemstone' Feature

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Introduction of 'Gemstone' Feature

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Introduction of 'Gemstone' Feature

1. Opening Feature
Can be opened on Lv 150 complete the main mission

2. Gemstone Set and Apart
By clicking Gemstone Icon
can enter gemstone feature,

gemstone interface as follow :

Gemstone interface make up by character column, equipment column, function column and pack column.

1. Gemstone Set
Main character and partner’s equipment can be set by gemstone,
Main interface default option is main character, selected character will change the color.
Here we take Saint Lu Bu as example.
Firstly, select the needed partner’s gemstone set inside the interface. We select here is Saint Lu Bu.

Next, we select the needed gemstone set equipment. We select [Zodiac Crown]
Each equipment can set with 3 pieces of Gemstone, before it set we need to make a hole in it.
Make a hole need specific item [Hole Saw], after we have Hole Saw, directly click lock icon can unlock hole,

directly click lock icon can unlock hole. Screenshot as follow :

After unlock the hole, can proceed set Gemstone.
We can select the needed Gemstone set from Gemstone pack on the right side,
drag it into the hole set.

Confirm Gemstone attribute is our requirement after setting Gemstone.
Click on the ‘Set’ button below will show notification window.

Click confirm and wait for a moment can complete the Gemstone set,
after the set is complete we can see the Gemstone attribute in character’s equipment.

We can set three gemstones at once,
but the same equipment with the same attribute only can set one gemstone.

The picture below demonstrate set 3 Gemstone.
The following picture Saint Lu Bu’s Zodiac Crown once directly set 3 Gemstone Guard, Block, Fatality

The above pictures are the basic steps of Gemstone Set, the summary as follow :
Select Partner --- Select Equipment --- Make Hole ---- Select Gemstone and Dragging – Set Gemstone --- Complete

2. Gemstone Apart
If you feel not satisfy with Gemstone, or want to change another Gemstone attribute,
we can breakdown the already set Gemstone.
The following picture, select the needed Gemstone to break down, then click ‘Apart’ button

After click confirm, it will break down. The already breakdown gemstone will back into Gemstone pack.

3. Notes
1)Each equipment can only set 3 Gemstones, equipment holes are locked in the default, need hole saw to make it hole. One hole saw can only make one hole (hole saw can be obtained from official event).
2)Each set need to spend coins. Please check inside the game about the detail of required coins.
3)The same equipment with the same Gemstone attribute can only set one Gemstone.
4)The already set gemstone can be breakdown,each time of breakdown need to spend the coins.
Please check inside the game about the detail of required coins

4. The category and level of Gemstone
Present Gemstone category and level : 9 category of gemstone, Lv 8 is the maximum level

3、Gemstone Conversion

1. Conversion
If you don’t satisfy with your present gemstone, can be converted through the ‘change’ feature.
First click on the change button on the Gemstone interface.

Drag the gemstone which need to change into the left side hole set.
Hereby we take 8th Grade of HP Gemstone conversion.
The gemstone conversion need [Gem Conversion Scroll]

Select the need to convert of gemstone, then click the ‘Change’ button

Click confirm can complete the conversion. The converted gemstone will directly go into Gemstone Pack

2. Notes

1) Gemstone conversion can only convert the same level of different Gemstone attribute
2) Each time can only convert one gemstone. Each conversion need to spend one Gem Conversion Scroll

4. Gemstone Breakdown

1. Breakdown
Click on ‘Break’ button to enter ‘Breakdown’ interface

Drag the gemstone which need to breakdown to the hole, then click on Break Down button.

Click confirm to break, break get Gemstone which directly go into the right side of the gemstone pack.
2. Notice
1)The lowest grade(1st Grade)of Gemstone can’t be broken down
2)Each time can only break down one gemstone, after break down get gemstone and original gemstone attribute,
the level become lower. Please check inside the game for the detail.

5. Gemstone Compound
1. Compound
Contrary with the break down process, make the high grade gemstone from low grade gemstone

Drag gemstone which need to compound into the hole, then click compound

2. Batch Compound
If there are so many low grade gemstone,still can select batch compound.
Drag gemstone which need to compound into the hole, then click batch compound button,
input the number of gemstone which need to compound, then click confirm.

3. Notice
1)Required minimum 2 gemstone to be able to compound.
2)Maximum grade of gemstone can’t be compounded
3)Each time of compound need to spend coin, detail about coin amount and compound amount can be checked
inside the game.

6. Notice

If your level already reach the Gemstone feature requirement,
the Hole Saw and Gemstone Conversion Scroll can be obtained in corresponding event.

Thank you for your time and support, we will keep bringing more and more updates on the future.
Feel free to contact STK’s CS team at : if you need any help or further assistance.

Best Regards,

STK Operational Team