Introduction of Diagram Tactics Feature

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Introduction of Diagram Tactics Feature

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Introduction of Diagram Tactics Feature

A. Feature Effect
Add basic attribute and first attack value to the troops on the formation.

B. Feature Opening
Can be opened in Lv 150 and complete the WuXi cave (2)

C. How to enter the feature
After the feature is opened, click on party formation icon,
then click on Diagram Tactics icon on the top right to enter.

After enter, you can see the following interface :

D. Introduction of Feature Interface
Diagram Tactics interface consist of 4 groups , they are : 8 Ways; Taichi Way; Attribute and Diagram Tactics Level.
8 Ways consist of Birth Way; Wound Way; Stop Way; Scene Way; Die Way; Start Way; Open Way and Rest Way
Each Way can be broken by consuming some items, then can add the character’s attribute.
Taichi Way located in the center position. It can be broken by consuming the stipulated items,
then can add first attack value. Diagram tactics level is located in the bottom.
Screenshot illustration as follow :

E. Playing Method

1. 8 Ways
a. 8 Ways add attributes
Each way have attributes level, each time 1 level upgrade will add 4 fix lines of attributes,
attributes can repeatedly increase.
Details attributes addition as follows :
Birth Way : HP, P. Defense, S.Defense, Guard
Wound Way : HP, P.Defense, S. Defense, Toughness
Stop Way : HP, P. Defense, S. Defense, Block
Scene Way : HP, P. Defense, S. Defense, M.Defense
Die Way :HP, P. Defense, S. Defense, Guard
Start Way : HP, P. Defense, S. Defense, Toughness
Open Way : HP, P. Defense, S. Defense, Guard
Rest Way : HP, P. Defense, S. Defense, M. Defense

(For more detail information, please check inside the game)
b. Required Items for 8 Ways Practice

c. 8 Ways Upgrading Method
Click on one of the way, the right side will show the required items.
If you have the required items, ‘Practice’ button will be bright.
The example below is ‘Wound’ Way

The picture below we select Wound Way, the right side show the required items are :
Warrior Flame, Fame and Overlord Spear Fragment.
The picture above show display the obtained attributes :
HP+1,000; Defense+100; S.Defense+100 and Toughness+4.

Here, we have the required items. When ‘Practice’button is light on, we can click on it.
Each practice randomly add 10-60 Exp. Point.
Below picture is the interface of practice after we break it.

When practicing you will meet this notification
[Insufficient level of Taichi Way]

This situation is correlated with the level of Diagram Tactics and TaiChi Way.
The highest level of 8 Diagrams is Lv 10.
The practice of Diagram Tactics level 2-10 need TaiChi Way level at least Lv. 1.

2. TaiChi Way
a. Upgrade Method
In above paragraph, we’ve already explained that 8 Ways and Taichi Way have correlation.
When the present level of Taichi Way is insufficient,
the 8 ways can’t be broken into practice.
Thus, we need to upgrade Taichi Way.
The method is the same, just clicking the center of Taichi pattern.

Then click on ‘Practice’ to proceed Break,
click TaiChi Way Practice will directly break 1x, no need to do several times.
b. First Attack value

c. Items Expend

After TaiChi Way Break Lv 1, click the Practice again will show [Insufficient Level of Diagram Tactics]

This situation has correlation with insufficient level of TaiChi Way and Overall Diagram Tactics.
The level of TaiChi Way can’t surpass the level of Diagram Tactics.
Thus we need to upgrade the overall Diagram Tactics level.

3. Overall Diagram Tactics Level
a. Display of Overall Diagram Tactics Level
The display of overall Diagram Tactics Level as follow :

b. Overall Diagram Tactics Level & Experience
Overall Diagram Tactics level can be obtained through upgrading the experience of 8 ways practice.
The required experience of Overall Diagram Tactics are as follow :

Thus it can be seen that, upgrading 8 Ways receive the influence from TaiChi Ways,
the upgrade of TaiChi Ways receive the influence from Overall Diagram Tactics.
Moreover, Overall Diagram Tactics is upgraded through the upgrading of 8 Ways.
These three aspects are complement and complete each other.

4. Details of Rules
a. The highest level of 8 Ways is Lv 10.
If you want to break it again, need to upgrade the level of TaiChi Way.
b. The level of TaiChi Way cannot surpass the level of Overall Diagram Tactics
c. Overall Diagram Tactics exp. level can be obtain through 8 ways upgrading.
Break 1 level of 8 Ways, its experience will be added on Overall Diagram Tactics level

Notice : The corresponding display of 8 Ways Level and TaiChi level is the present of overall diagram tactics.

Thank you for your time and support, we will keep bringing more and more updates on the future.

Feel free to contact STK’s CS team at : if you need any help or further assistance.

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