Introduction of Beast Guard Feature

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Introduction of Beast Guard Feature

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Introduction of Beast Guard Feature

1. Opening Feature :
Complete Lv 170 and complete the corresponding mission

2. Feature Introduction
You can increase the level of Beast Guard by consuming Aether, Chakra.
Process of increasing level can give certain attribute to Main Character.
Beast Guard have special skill effect.

3. Enter the Feature :
Click on the bottom right icon, you can find the Beast Guard account.
You can enter the feature by clicking it

After enter the feature, opening display as follow :

The left side is the Beast Guard picture and introduction, the right side is upgrading area.
Put your mouse pointer on the Beast Guard icon, will display the Beast Guard Skill.
Example as follow (Azure) :

If you put your mouse pointer to the upgrading area,
will display the required items to increase the level,
illuminating circle can get attribute as follow :

4. Upgrading the Beast Guard
Method of upgrading Beast Guard is similar with Potential Feature.
Activation through illuminating the circle on the right side.
Illumination need certain Aether and Chakra

Notice : some of illumination circle section need to fulfill the previous condition.
For example :
Illuminating Azure 3rd Chapter 9th Section need to illuminate
Azure 3rd Chapter 8th Section, White Tiger 2nd Chapter 8th Section, Vermillion Bird 2nd Chapter 8th Section

Only by fulfilling this condition can continue to activate
After activation, Beast Guard will display the present level, effect and the effect in the next level

The highest level for the present Beast Guard is Lv 5, full condition is 9th Grade 9th Section
Notice : illuminate all section only add Main Character attribute, not add Partner attribute

5. Skill introduction
The effect of each Beast Guard Skill is different, details as follow :
Azure :
Add 3 types of attack (P. Attack, S. Attack and M. Attack),
The effect of Lv 1-5 differentiate as 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%
Vermillion Bird :
When partner was killed in the battle, Vermillion Bird replace it, partner will resurrect.
Level upgrade, after partner is resurrected, retain the previous upgrade attribute.
White Tiger :
Have probability to remove Stun, Seal, Rage, Disorder.
The effect of Lv 1-5 differentiate as 30%/35%/40%/45%/60%
Tortoise :
No special effect, only give Golden Armor.
Golden Armor for Lv 1-5 differentiate as 30/40/45/50/55
Chaotic Beast :
Explode when he died in the battle, give damage for whole enemies unit.
Upgrade Level, given damage will be higher.
Legendary Beast :
Before the battle started, provide absorbing damage shield to the whole teammate on the
formation, it will vanished after the skill is launched.
When the level upgraded, absorbing shield damage ratio will increase.
Azygos :
Give HP/100 damage to random single enemy.
Lv 1-5 damage differentiate as 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
Mythical Beast :
Recover HP to whole teammate on the formation.
Lv 1-5 HP recovery rate differentiate as 8%/12%/16%/20%/24%
Monkey King :
Reduce the required Rage to launch the skill.
Lv 1-5 reduce ratio differentiate as 6/8/10/12/14.
Notice :
1. Tortoise only give Golden Armor for itself, wouldn't increase partner's Golden Armor.
2. Vermillion Bird replace the partner who was killed inside the battle.
If Vermillion Bird is the first which died in the battle, Vermillion Bird wouldn't give any effect.
3. At this time of update the skill effect value as mentioned above, adjustment is possible in the future.

6. Setting Beast and Formation
After Beast Guard skills are activated (activated on 1 Chapter 10 Section), they can be used in the formation.
Firstly need to adjust the order of Beast Guard inside the formation.
You can click and drag to adjust it.
Example :

In the picture above, if Zhu Que drag into the place of White Tiger,
Zhu Que will be
changed into the second order come into the battle.
After the Beast Guard is well adjusted, we can go to the formation.
Click the formation
button to enter the formation display.
Screenshot illustration as follow :

Here, there is one surplus Beast Guard icon,
put your mouse on it can see present order
Beast Guard on the formation

Click on the icon, can select Beast Guard position on the formation

The green circle is the position that can be selected.
You can click on the position where the Beast Guard you want to put.
Here we click the first place as example.

Now, the Beast Guard was already on the formation.
At most only can put one Beast Guard. Other Beast Guard will appear in the next round
when Beast Guard died in the present formation.
Notice :
1) You can only select the position by clicking Beast Guard icon in Beast Guard formation.
Cannot drag before the battle started each round, summon 1 Beast Guard,
the effect will launch when the battle is begin until it die.
2) When the Beast Guard die, the existed effect wouldn't be vanished;
When the next round is started, summon the next Beast Guard,
summoning order based on the line up setting.
3) In the battle the Beast Guard occupy one attack launch opportunity.
Please attention to the formation; all the Beast Guard died wouldn't appear again.
4) If the 1st Beast Guard die in the battle, the substitution will directly come in its position.
In the next round, the next Beast Guard will automatically come in the its position
(if there is a partner in the its position, it will postpone until the next position).
If the partners died early, the next Beast Guard position wouldn't changed,
still based on the line up setting.
5) Beast Guard is not determine to the lost or victory in the battle.

7. End Note
Since the Beast Skills are different, Beast Guard will occupy 1x strike,
therefore when in the formation certainly will based on the Beast Guard skill effect,
please attention the line up formation.