Single Server World Hegemony Introduction

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Single Server World Hegemony Introduction

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1. Summary
Data Collection: System will automatically collect and save data before World Hegemony Event is started. Players can automatically participate in World Hegemony Event after registering, even if he/she is not online.

2. Schedules
Single Server World Hegemony will be held for 1 week period, starting from Registration up until Final Match

3. Rules
- Registration Rules:
a. Level requirement: Level 70+
b. Registration will be opened for 25,5 hours.
c. Elimination Round will be started 1,5 hour after the Registration is closed.

- Elimination Round Rules:
a. Opponent will be selected randomly, with a 10 minutes break after each match.
b. A player will be eliminated after losing 3 rounds, after the participant counts reached 32, then the Elimination Round ended.

- Final Rounds Rules:
a. 32 players will be randomly divided 16 groups.
b. There is 5 total rounds on Final Rounds, up until the Champion and Runner Up is decided.
c. Every round will be decided using the Best of 5 Matches system, with 1 hour break after every match. Player who won 3 rounds is the winner.

4. Prize
1st Prize : 20000 Fame, 10M Coin, 18 Golden Soul Stone
2nd Prize : 20000 Fame, 8M Coin, 12 Golden Soul Stone
3rd-4th Prize : 15000 Fame, 6M Coin, 10 Golden Soul Stone
5th-8th Prize : 10000 Fame, 4M Coin, 8 Golden Soul Stone
9th-16th Prize : 8000 Fame, 2M Coin, 6 Golden Soul Stone
17th-32nd Prize : 5000 Fame, 1M Coin, 4 Golden Soul Stone

PS: Golden Soul Stone can be exchanged to Golden Warrior Soul (Golden Rune), with exhange rate: 6 Golden Soul Stone for 1 Golden Warrior Soul.

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