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Introduction of Nine Expedition and Mirror Armor

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Introduction of Nine Expedition and Mirror Armor

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Introduction of Nine Expedition and Mirror Armor

A. Feature Opening
    Can be opened at Lv 90 and complete Ba Jun 
    (at this level only open the first 3 cities, 4th-6th cities need to reach Lv 120)

B. Feature Benefit
    Through Nine Expedition feature, can get Mirror Armor fragments, Coins and Experience. 
    The effect of deliberately matching of Mirror Armor suit can upgrade Main Character's and Partners' Power

C. Feature Introduction
    1. Nine Expedition
        Click on the text shortcut on the left side of game interface to enter the feature

          After entering, you can see the following interface :

          In this interface can be seen that only the city you can pass will be displayed, 
          other uncompleted cities are covered by fog. 
          From Monday-Thursday Nine Expedition feature will be separately open cities as follow : 
          Cheng Du, Jian Ge, Chang An, Long Xi, Kuai Ji  
          Each city have 9th Chapters (at this time only open 6 chapters, 4th- 6th chapters need to reach Lv 120)
          On Saturday, Sunday all 5 cities are opened (at this time only open 3 chapters, 4th- 6th chapters need to reach Lv  120)

          In this screenshot, we took Long Xi city as example. In the bottom, we can see 9 Chapters. 
          The former must be challenged. After complete challenging the previous chapter can unlock the next chapter or                   select 'Raid' in the already challenged chapter. 
          'Challenge' and 'Raid' can consume Daily Challenge chances.

          When doing Raid can check the obtained rewards. 
          Chapters difficulty will affect the amount of the obtained Mirror Armor. 
          When fragment is dropped, the star is random, Polish Lv is 0, main attribute is random.
          Dropping fragment from 'Challenge' will directly enter in the Mirror Armor inventory
          Notice : Daily free challenge is 10 times, VIP players can buy challenge chances, 
          more buying will get more chances. 
          Example as follow :

          The remaining times will be reset to 10x in the next day. 
           When daily chances exceed 10x, won't be changed. The remaining maximum limit is 30x.

      2. Mirror Armor
           a) Interface
              Click on the Mirror Armor Feature Icon 

               At the screenshot picture, the left side is the Partner's Mirror Armor Set, 
               the center as 6 slot position of 6 Mirror Armor, the right side is Mirror Armor inventory.

       b) Equip Mirror Armor
           Please select the partner that need Mirror Armor, then select Mirror Armor, 
           double click can equip the mirror armor

            The screenshot above is Saint Lu Bu's  Mirror Armor attribute display in the bellow  interface.

         c) Unequip
             Mirror Armor can be unequipped. Click the Mirror Armor, then select Remove,
             the Mirror Armor can enter automatically into the Mirror Armor Inventory.

         d) Suitable Position
             When the form of Mirror Armor and slot is the same, 
             can equip the Mirror Armor into the suitable slot of Mirror Armor

             If the form picture of Mirror Armor inside the inventory is the same with the  position slot no.2, 
             thus this Mirror Armor can set on the position slot no. 2. 

           e) Polish Mirror Armor

              Mirror Armor can be polished to upgrade the attribute, all the Mirror Armor fragment polish set default is 0. 
              Need to fuse other Mirror Armor Fragment to get experience, the highest polish level is +15 
              (the obtained Exp have relation with the level of fused fragment, fuse other fragment need to spend certain Coins).               Click the required Mirror Armor, then select polish.

               Enter Forge Fuse Interface

             In the middle is the present need to polish of Mirror Armor attributes and Exp situation. 
             In the left side is the need to be fused Mirror Armor. Select need to fuse of Mirror Armor, then click fuse

           The screenshot above, after fusing Mirror Armor will increase 1 level, 
           Skill Defense Attribute will increase from 40,000 to 44,000.
           Notice : 'Check Fragment' can select all current Mirror Armor fragments. 
                        It will  fuse all Mirror Armor inside the inventory, need to pay attention when fusing 
                        to avoid mishandling,

           Polish Rules : Irrespective Star Lv, Position and Level. The selected to polish of Mirror Armor can fuse any Mirror                                      Armor

           Polish Expend : Each time increase 250 polish Exp, consume 50K Coins.
           Already polished-Mirror Armor also can fuse other fragments. 
           Differentiation of coins expend and Exp addition is based on different Mirror Armor exp.

     3. Mirror Armor Introduction
         1) We take this Mirror Armor below as example 

            a. Type 
                This Mirror Armor is Guan Yin Mirror Armor

              b. Form

                   This form is the same with 3rd Slot Position, hence it can be set in 3rd Slot of Mirror Armor  

              c . Star Level

                    This Mirror Armor has 3 Stars

              d. Polish


                    This Mirror Armor has 0 Polish 

               e. Attribute

                   The 1st line Attribute is the main attribute of Mirror Armor, can be upgraded through Polish.
                   The others are subsidiary attributes. 1 Mirror Armor Fragments at most can have 5 lines of attributes.
                   (Main basic attribute value and growth value are determined based on Star Lv, after Polish Lv upgraded 
                    main attribute will be increased, the subsidiary attribute won't be changed). 
                   When Polish, each upgrade 3 level will get 1 line subsidiary attributes, 
                   if the obtained subsidiary  attribute already exist, 
                   this subsidiary attribute value will be accumulated
                   Notice : Different position slot of Mirror Armor have different Main Attribute.                       
                               It can be re-polished based on the best match of attribute that you required

                f. Attribute Set

            2) Detail Attributes Introduction

               1st Slot Position of Mirror Armor have HP as Main Attribute 
               2nd Slot Position of Mirror Armor will randomly appear one of these following Main Attributes : 
               S. Attack, Hit, Block,or Anti Stun
               3rd Slot Position of Mirror Armor have S. Defense 
               4th Slot Position of Mirror Armor will randomly appear one of these following Main Attributes : 
               P. Attack, M. Defense, Dodge or Fatality
               5th Slot Position of Mirror Armor have P. Defense  as Main Attribute
               6th Slot Position of Mirror Armor will randomly appear one of these following Main Attributes : 
               M. Attack, Critical, Guard

             3) Type
                 Mirror Armor types are divided as follow : 
                 Dashi Zhi, Di Zang, Guan Yin,Pu Xian, Wen Shu

             4)Setting Attribute
                 The 2 pieces Mirror Armor which has the same type can activate 2 lines of Attributes, 
                 equip 4 pieces of Mirror Armor can activate 4 lines of Attributes.
                 For example you can deliberately set 2+2+2 or 4+2  


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