Weaponry Introduction & Godlike Guan Yu

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Weaponry Introduction & Godlike Guan Yu

Post by Goddess » 2014-09-27 9:23

Here's an introduction of Weaponry feature and how to upgrade Partner to EX or Godlike.

Guan Yu is the only partner who can be upgraded to the level of Godlike currently, therefore Guan Yu is one of the favorite partner that is commonly used by players. Which is why, we'll use Guan Yu as an example for this thread.

Guan Yu can be recruited after the player reaches 200000 Fame, and to recruit Guan Yu you will need 1.8M coins.

Guan Yu
Class: General
HP: 4050
Strength: 220
Skill: 80
Magic: 50
Technique: War Saint, a violent attack to single target. Increase P.Atk and Critical for 3 rounds.

To upgrade a Guan Yu to EX or any other Partner to EX, you need to reach at least Level 80. After reaching Level 80, “Weaponry” feature will be unlocked.

There are 2 types of Fusion option that can be use to upgrade Partner to EX:
1. Token Fusion, using 1 Yellow token + 200K Coins or 1 purple token + 200K Coins each time
2. Gold Fusion, using 50 Gold + 30K Coins each time ( require VIP level 1 )

Fusion will increase spirit, and everytime spirit reached 100, you will get 1 Fragment.
- Critical will increase 100 spirit.
- Big Critical will increase 200 spirit.

Give the Fragment you have collected to Partner until the loyalty is maxed, and they will be upgraded to EX.

(1 fragment will increase loyalty point between 1-5)