Thatched Boat Introduction

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Thatched Boat Introduction

Post by Goddess » 2014-10-07 3:34

“Thatched Boat” feature will be unlocked once you reached Level 90

Feature Advantages: Provides the necessary Chakra for "Potential" feature, increase Fame, Battle Arts, and also a little Luck Point.

Materials needed:
Boat Token (Obtained from Assistant, VIP 0-2 can get 7 pieces of Ship token, VIP 3 can get 10 pieces. Maximum number of Boat Token that can be held at one time is 20 pieces. Amount of owned Boat Token is shown in Thatched Boat feature)
Zhu Ge Liang will build one boat by using one Boat Token
Players can upgrade their Boat to higher Level using Gold

Type of Thatched boat: Small boat, Fortune Boat, House boat, Dragon boat (Rewards obtained from every Boat and Boat Level are different)

Each Boat has 5 levels of upgrade, each upgrade will need different amount of Gold, which is 30 (Lv1 to Lv2), 30 (Lv2 to Lv3), 50 (Lv3 to Lv4), 100 (Lv4 to Lv5)

Upgrade will not be 100% success, the higher the Boat’s Level, the harder it is to upgrade it.

If Success: Rewards will be quadrupled or 4x (except Luck Point)
If Fail: Rewards will be obtained up to the latest Boat Level.