Introduction of East Wind Thatched Boat

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Introduction of East Wind Thatched Boat

Post by Goddess » 2017-01-26 13:53

Introduction of East Wind Thatched Boat

Event Description :
1. During event period, have 100% Success Probability to upgrade,
Double Probability to get Dragon Boat and reduce 'Try Luck' cost
2. Have probability to get extra reward included all Dragon Boat,Double Rewards and Boat Token,
will be obtained directly after the event is over

100 % Success Probability

Upgrade Discount

More Dragon Boat

All Dragon Boat

Collect 1 Ship Token

Double Prize

Notice :
1. Dragon Boat Double, reduce cost, on the condition of insufficient time to get Double,
the effect can be overlaid : except these three gain effects Double Prizes, All Dragon Boat,
and Boat Token can't be overlaid.
2. You must take advantage in the time interval gain effect, don't be missed out !
3. You should be click Try Luck after the East Wind Thatched Boat is appeared, so you can get the gain effect
4. After the Gain effect is over, you can re-gain the similar gain effect;
When the event is over will clear all the gain effects