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Strategies for Beginners of STK

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Strategies for Beginners of STK

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1. VIP

It is pretty convenient for the players whowant to get top in the game if you payfor a VIP.For the most players, VIP5 may be the most cost-effective. You can use TreasurePot for 30 times every day to exchange for a lot of Coins.

Coins can be used to upgrade equipments or summonconstellations. As we all know, constellation plays an important role inenhancing your power.

VIP5 players can also spend 100 Gold inmining to upgrade the quality of mining to cobalt. So more exp could be used toupgrade your new partners and the period of weakness will be shortened.

For generous players, you also can chooseto increase to VIP6, because VIP6 will unlock a new function called Extremetraining—using 100 Gold to increase of all attribute.     



2. Tasks

   You need to completethe main quest at the first time of upgrading, so some new functions will beactivated and the new duplicate will be opened. For instance, seeking god inYiZhou will be unlocked after you complete the main quest on level 39. Then youcan attain coin and fame point freely.

When doing sidequests, selecting a suitable instance can be more effective. Because some sidequests are crossed, so that you can save a lot of energy to do other thing.


3. Collecting Materials

* Except for completing mainquests, most of energy will be used to collect materials after level 40. So whendoing side quests, you can combine with your materials requirements. It canimprove the efficient use of energy.

* With increase of thelevel, the probability of low level materials’ falling will be reduced. Youshould save some materials appropriately so as not to waste energy.

* Mysterious vendor’s itemsare refreshed every 8 hours(1 hour for 1 item). You need to remember therefresh time. And you should buy all the materials as long as they appear. Theyare not expensive after all and it will save a lot of time when you need it.



4. Guild

     Ifyou want to be the leader of the guild, just establish the guild as early aspossible.

     Afterestablishing the guild, you also need to manage it. You can kick the memberswho are not online for a long time, may be 48 hours, or shorter or what youlike. The members who are at the end of the team also can be kicked out. As theleader of the guild you need to encourage your members to participate in allkinds of activities to contribute fame points for guild, so the guild upgradesfaster. The higher your guild level is, the more activities your guild canparticipates in.

     Ifthere are girls in your guild, invite one of them to be the vice leader of yourguild. She could help you to enlarge the scale of your guild, because girls arealways more popular in games.



5. Arena

    Arena bonus are given every three days, at 00:00. An advanced rank meansa great number of coins and fame points. So you can add all the players aroundyou .There are some tips about challenging: 1.Your opponent is online or not.2. Viewing the equipment of your opponent. 3. Finding out the best battle. Youcan’t be sure of your rank until last minute.


6. Battle Arts

     Increasing physical attack and skill attack preferentially, followed by HPand defense. According to different professions, you should develop different battlearts. You need to put the limited Art points to the right place. You can develop2 or 3 kinds of battle arts in priority, followed by others when you are inhigher level.

     The attribute is of course very important, but the position of yourpartners also cannot be neglected.  Allthese will have influence on the result of battles.

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