Sexy Three Kingdoms Marriage System Introduction

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Sexy Three Kingdoms Marriage System Introduction

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NPC YueLao for marriage system can be found at XuChang (Level 10-15 city).
You can manage everything you need for a marriage here, at NPC YueLao.

To get married, first you’ll need a paired Ring (Love Bird Ring, First Love Ring and Soulmate Ring)

Every Ring increase different attributes.
Forever Alone Ring: HP +200
Love Bird Ring (Swan Ring): HP +500, +1000 more HP on each Level
First Love Ring (Jade Ring): HP +1000, +2000 more HP on each Level
Soulmate Ring (Immortal Love): HP +2000, +5000 more HP on each Level
Paired Rings can’t be equipped when you don’t have a spouse, Paired Rings can only be worn after you got married and Rings have been divided.

After getting your Ring, you also need to increase your Intimacy with your spouse to 999 by sending Rose. Sending 1 Rose will increase 1 Intimacy.
Tips: You can only get married with an opposite sex player =)

After spouses’ intimacy reached 999, you can propose to your spouse. (The one who propose will be the one who will need to pay for marriage fee).

After your proposal has been accepted, insert the Paired Rings that you bought. Click on the “Held a Ceremony” button to start your Wedding Ceremony.

You’ll need to pay 999 Gold for the Wedding Ceremony. Wedding Ceremony will start 5 minutes after you click on the button.

Wedding Ceremony will be held at Wedding Hall. Before and after the Ceremony, you can light fireworks or throw Wedding Candies to share your happiness among friends that participate in the Ceremony.
And as returns, your friends can send present and blessings to both you and your spouse.

Don’t forget to share your happiness with others by posting your wedding pictures on forum or FB fanpage! =)

Feel free to contact GM team at if you need any further assistance!

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