Partner Talent & Heaven Talent

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Partner Talent & Heaven Talent

Post by Goddess » 2015-02-16 4:01

Partner Talent will be unlocked after reaching Level 130.

With this feature, you can increase your partner’s technique by equipping him/her with a special Talent.
Partner Talent panel:

Partner Talent are divided by 3 main division, which is: Offensive, Defensive and Universal.

Offensive Talent will mainly increase attacking power, Defensive Talent will increase your defenses and Universal Talent is the combination of the two. Different partner with different Talent will definitely increase your battle effectiveness!

To increase these Talents, you will need Talent point, which can be obtained from Heaven Talent feature.

Upgrade your sacrifice to get more Talent Points!

To start sacrifice, you’ll need 1 Heaven Token. Heaven Token can be collected from “Harvest Mushroom” feature.


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