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Recharge via Unipin

Posted: 2014-05-15 15:06
by Goddess

Click on "Recharge" button on the upper left corner of your monitor display.

Click "Recharge" again to confirm.

Select the Unipin Recharge Method; confirm that account logged in was right, also select which server you want to Recharge to; select the amount you want to Recharge and then click Recharge.

Select Unipin Express if you're Recharging using Unipin voucher.

Input UniPin serial and UniPin Pin from voucher, and click Submit.

Click on OK to complete transaction and Gold will be automatically transferred.

Select UniPin Wallet if you have Unipin account.

Sign in with your UniPin account.

Select your Recharge amount, and input Security code.

Click on "Submit" to complete Recharge transaction.

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