Introduction of Polish Equipment

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Introduction of Polish Equipment

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Introduction of Polish Equipment

A. Feature Opening
Player reach to Lv 120 open Polish Equipment Feature

B. Feature Effect
Can upgrade attribute through spending Particular Material / Gold Polish Equipment

C. Feature Detail
Click 'Forge' feature, click on 'Polish' button to enter Polish interface,
screenshot illustration as follow :

1. Polish Equipment Quality Requirement :
The equipment need to reach Lv 90 to proceed polish,
the polish button won't appear in equipment which unable to polish.
Lv 90-110 (Holy, Earth, Ancient) Equipment Maximum Polish Equipment reach to +8
Lv 120-150 (Blood, Ultimate, Ifrit, Mythical) Equipment Maximum Polish Equipment reach to +12
Lv 160 or more equipment can polish to +15 (maximum)
2. Equipment Polish Gemstone
Equipment Polish Gemstone divide into 2 category, weapon and armor
The system prior to spend Polish Gemstone when polish,
when the gemstone is not enough it can be replaced by gold to polish
When polish reach to +12, need spend different Polish Gemstone
a. Weapon Polish Gemstone
Star Chaser : can be used to Polish Weapon Lv 0-11

Moon Breaker : can be used to Polish Weapon Lv 12-14

b. Armor Polish Gemstone
Dragonshard : can be used to Polish Armor Lv 0-11

Phoenix Eye : can be used to Polish Armor Lv 12-14

Each level of polish need different Gemstone,
put the corresponding amount of Gemstone based on needed amount display,
can use Gold to polish if Gemstone is not enough,
the needed amount of Gold display on below amount.

c. Equipment Polish Luck Gemstone
When polish the equipment, Luck Gemstone inside your Inventory and Warehouse
will put in the corresponding position and increase success ratio of Polish Luck Gemstone,
maximum can only put 3 Luck Gemstone, you can put the same Luck Gemstone into it.
Gold can't replace the Luck Gemstone.
Weapon and Armor have different Luck Gemstone, detail as follow :
(1) Armor Luck Gemstone
Luck Gemstone add 5% success ratio of Armor Polish

Bless Gemstone add 10% success ratio of Armor Polish

Wish Gemstone add 15% success ratio of Armor Polish

(2) Weapon Luck Gemstone

Fortune Gemstone add 5% success ratio of Weapon Polish

Destine Gemstone add 10% success ratio of Weapon Polish

Fate Gemstone add 15% success ratio of Weapon Polish

D. How to get Polish Gemstone and Luck Gemstone
1. Obtain ratio in Treasure Map
Commmon Treasure Map : Dragonshard*10 / Starchaser*1
Advance Treasure Map :
Dragonshard*10 / Luck Gemstone*1/ Fortune Gemstone*1/ Phoenix Eye*3/ Moon Breaker*1
Rare Treasure Map :
Moon Breaker*2 / Phoenix Eye*20 / Starchaser*10/ Dragonshard*100/ Luck Gemstone*10/
Destine Gemstone*2/ Fortune Gemstone*2/ Fate Gemstone*1
2. Calculate in Imperial Vermillion Reward
Obtain gemstone calculated based on rank rewards within 1000 Rank, detail as follow :
1st Rank : Starchaser*10 + Dragonshard*25 + Moon Breaker*3 + Fortune Gemstone*3
2nd Rank : Starchaser*10 + Dragonshard*25 + Moon Breaker*2 + Fortune Gemstone*2
3rd Rank : Starchaser*10 + Dragonshard*25 + Moon Breaker*1 + Fortune Gemstone*1
4th Rank : Starchaser*10 + Dragonshard*25 + Fortune Gemstone*1
5th Rank : Starchaser*10 + Dragonshard*20 + Fortune Gemstone*1
6th Rank : Starchaser*9 + Dragonshard*20 + Fortune Gemstone*1
7th Rank : Starchaser*8 + Dragonshard*20 + Fortune Gemstone*1
8th Rank : Starchaser*7 + Dragonshard*20 + Fortune Gemstone*1
9th Rank : Starchaser*6 + Dragonshard*20 + Fortune Gemstone*1
10th Rank : Starchaser*5 + Dragonshard*20 + Fortune Gemstone*1
11th-25th Rank : Starchaser*4 + Dragonshard*16
26th-50th Rank : Starchaser*4 + Dragonshard*14
51th-100th Rank : Starchaser*3 + Dragonshard*12
101th-250th Rank : Starchaser*2 + Dragonshard*10
251st-500th Rank : Dragonshard*10
501st-750th Rank : Dragonshard*8
751st-1000th Rank : Dragonshard*5
3. Official Event
Wish Gemstone and Fate Gemstone only can be obtained through official event

E. How to Polish (Example)
First click Forge, select on need to polish equipment, afterward click polish to enter polish interface,
screenshot illustration as follow :

When there are enough Gemstone Polish in your inventory or warehouse,
it will spend Gemstone Polish (The needed Polish Gemstone based on the increase of Polish level),
click on 'Polish'

Polish Succeed
When there is insufficient Gemstone, can use Gold to Polish Gemstone.
Spending gold based on the increasing of Polish Level, spend how much gold will display
in Polish Gemstone interface, screenshot illustration as follow :

When polish to Lv 12, needed Polish Gemstone will change, in screenshot illustration
Starchaser (0-11) became Moon Breaker (12-14)

Polish will have progress, different Polish level will have 'Upgrade Progress',
the Polish will upgrade when the Upgrade Progress is full.
When the polish fail, the Upgrade Progress will be reset to 0

The polish method of the Armor and Weapon is the same, the difference is in the need Polish Gemstone.

F. Polish Success Ratio
1. Luck Gemstone
In order to enhance success ratio to polish, we can put in different Luck Gemstone,
screenshot illustration as follow :

Click Luck Gemstone to put in on the used colummn, each time of Polish,
maximum can only put in 3 gemstones, can put in the same type of 3 gemstone,
the grade ratio will be accumulated

2. Initial success ratio of Polish Gemstone
Polish 1-4 95%
Polish 5-8 65%
Polish 9-12 30%
Polish 13-15 20%

G. Polish Blessing Value
Polish equipment fail will get corresponding Blessing Value,
after the Blessing Value is full, certainly polish level+1, Blessing Value is calculated based on the cost of spending item. When the Polish Equipment is succeed, but the progress has not yet complete
(means the polish has not yet upgrade) also can get Blessing Value.
Screenshot Illustration as follow :

When Polish Upgraded, the Blessing Value will be reset to 0

H. Polish Attribute
Based on different unit, each time upgrade 1 level of polish will provide corresponding attribute,
newly increase 3 kinds Attack 'Reduction' and 'Amplifier' effect,
similar with Buff have the effect of Reduction and Amplifier.
When reach level Armor Polish+5 and Armor+7 will increase Attack and Damage (Reduction + Amplifier)

I. Additional Random Attribute in Polish Level
When the Equipment Polish level upgraded to Lv +12 and Lv +15, will get additional random attribute.
Additional Attribute is random and the value is fixed.
Weapon 1st Additional Attribute (+12) have fixed value as 500,
Weapon 2nd Additional Attribute (+15) have fixed value as 1000
Crown 1st Additional Attribute (+12) have fixed value as 200
Crown 2nd Additional Attribute (+15) have fixed value as 400
While others such as Talisman/ Necklace/ Ring/ Boots/ Robs Additional Attribute as follow :
(+12) have fixed value as 100
(+15) have fixed value as 200
Additional attribute can be polished, each polish can spend certain amount of Saint Weapon Soul Fragment