How to find Material

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How to find Material

Post by Goddess » 2014-05-16 5:57

Hi everyone

I realized that a lot of new players always ask how to find specific material for enhancing equipments or making potions. This actually is pretty simple, here’s an example how to find chalcedony to enhance equipments to Liu Yun grade.

You can view backpack to check the current amount of chalcedony.

Click on “Forge”, you can also check the current amount of chalcedony on the enhancement windows and how many chalcedonies required. Click on the chalcedony to automatically open the stage where you can get chalcedony with the highest drop rate.

On the stages window, click on Raid button to quickly grind for the material.

And now I will explain how to find materials for potion making.

Open backpack and double click on the potion scroll.

After double clicking potion scroll, the potion making window will be opened. There you will be able to see the needed materials for making the potion, click on one of the materials to automatically open the corresponding stage.

Click on Raid to quickly grind for the material.

So what do you think? I hope this guide is helpful and could help new players to understand the basics knowledge of the game