Strategy Lv 1-40

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Strategy Lv 1-40

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1. First of all, “Sexy Three Kingdom” usually open new server at 11 am, before the server open, please go to the Beginner Gift’s page and receive a number, after the server is opened grab the Beginner Gift, use the medicine inside the package, and follow the instruction to start doing given task.

2. Train attributes immediately after the feature is unlocked, because the price to train attributes is different in every city, it will gradually increase in every new city. The price to train attributes in Zhong Nan Mountain is 100 coins each time, which is the lowest price, so use all your coins to train your main character. Coin is used to train at least one attributes, it is advised to train your Power. If you have a lot of money and have VIP privileges level 6, you can consider extreme training, which train all three of your attributes, or if you only use coin then just train one attribute, as long as it is the desired attributes then the training can be completed.

3. Arriving at Xu Chang, the first thing to do is to complete all the task there is, if you’re having trouble with the main task, then complete the secondary task first, when your level is high enough you can go back to complete main task.
Finish your entire task, don’t waste any time, because when you reach a certain level, the “Arena” feature is unlocked. Get in the arena as soon as possible, so you can get a better rank, because although other players that are stronger than you enter the arena later, they will have a harder time to get to your rank. Having a higher ranking in Arena gives a lot of advantages, so these steps are important.
If you think your character attributes is quite enough, then you can consider weapon enhancement, no need to hurry to enhance clothes, why? Because the enemy’s Defense and Life attribute is getting higher, and with high Attack, you can defeat them faster.
After you finished a task from Cai Yan, the feature “Formation” is unlocked. But don’t spend your point in Life in a hurry, because it doesn’t help you defeat the enemy faster, it’s better to make Attack as your priority, hence max Attack first, Life and Defense comes later.
Before exploring new area, use up your coins for training, train Guan Yin Ping and your main character with all your coins. Treasure Bowl can be use later, because the coin counts from treasure bowl is based on your level. If you have VIP privileges then you can train freely, don’t have to be all full, almost full is enough.

4. As you arrived at Xin Ye, the “Guild” feature will be unlocked. Join a guild and get 1000 fame! Go to the Tavern and invite Cai Yan into your party, Magician is a great PK/PVP character.
World Boss will also be unlocked, make sure to participate, when rearranging your party put your main character on the left bottom corner. And of course if you have VIP privileges you can use Gold to increase fighting spirit, but if you’re already late for the World Boss, don’t bother wasting Gold to increase spirit because you won’t get higher/better rank, instead save the Gold for next World Boss.
Watch if the Boss’s life is getting lower, you can use Resurrect, try to get last hit.
After reaching level 19, it’s time to move to another city, but just like before, use your coin to train, because when you get to Chai Shang, the training fee will increase to 1000 coin, 10 times more expensive than at first city.

5. After arriving at Chai Shang, “Beautiful Girl” feature will be unlocked, marry Ruo Yi as soon as possible! If you have VIP privileges then you can marry Ruo Yi faster, their attribute will increased after married. If you have Gold, it is advised that if you already win 2 times in a row and out of chances, use Gold to add playing chance because the intimacy point you get from winning a couple times in a row is higher.
Next, the “Constellation” will be unlocked, for the first time calling Constellation, you got 1 time free, use whatever you got, 1 click is enough, don’t waste your coins on Constellation, for players that bought Gold, there is level fourth observation option (Change Fate) and if you’re lucky to open level fifth observation option (Counter Day), you’ll have a chance to get a yellow grade Constellation, and if you get Zi Wei Constellation, then congratulation! You can most definitely defeat Jin Qi in just a couple try.

6. As soon as mysterious seller Yun Niang opened, it is advised to go and check it out since the item sold there is refreshed every certain amount of time. Make it a priority to buy necklace and materials. If there’s nothing to do, visit Yun Niang. If bag and warehouse is full, you can open more slot with Gold.
At this time, all main task should be completed, time to complete secondary tasks, after that try to level up, at a certain level there should be new main task and story.

Repetitive tasks that don’t give materials should be done first, and continue to do so in the future.
If energy is depleted, buy more, leveling up should be first priority. Open 3-4 mining place, and let Cai Yan level up there. At early game, use all Formation points, fight the afternoon World Boss and use Gold to increase spirit if possible. Train main character and Guan Yin Ping.
At around level 27, it’s going to be harder to level up, if you have VIP privileges then you can try to fight Elite Duplicate and fight Zhu Shan, if you can defeat him than you can continue to do other tasks. If you couldn’t defeat it, train more in the area that you cleared before until you’re level 30, enhance all weapon to Silver, clothes too, and try to fight again, if you still lost the keep leveling.

7. More advice to fight Elites, you should start raising Defense and Life, if not so it’s going to be hard to fight them. Make Power training as a priority. To save energy, don’t look for materials yourself since you can buy them at mysterious seller, if it’s not at mysterious seller then you can hunt it yourself.

That’s basically the faster way to level up.