Tips To Reduce Lag On Web-based Game

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Tips To Reduce Lag On Web-based Game

Post by Goddess » 2014-05-16 7:06

There’s a lot of reasons why the game can lag, sometimes it’s because of too many players logged in at the same time and causing the data transfer to slow down. Some other times it’s caused by player’s PC, such as graphic lag or not good enough CPU performance. We recommend players to compare computers and other equipments to others, so it is easier to find the source of the lag problem.

We also recommend players to clear browser cache as well as Flash cache to avoid lag problems.

Here are some tips and tricks

We don’t need to download a web game, so where are the files stored?
Actually, game’s files are saved in the computer’s temporary files. Web browser like Internet Explorer will also save cache (buffer memory) on your hard disk to improve web speed.

After a while, your computer will accumulate a lot of temporary files, useless temporary files might occupy a lot of disk space and thus reduce computer hard disk performances. It is safe to delete these files, because the system won’t delete the content you are using.

Purpose of cleaning up caches
Quite a lot of times, there’s a problem while logging in. A lot of these problems are caused by cache accumulation and new data conflicts. It is recommended that you clean up caches more often no matter what web games you play.
1. Can solve game screen errors, including: character, missing items, data errors.
2. Can solve character error, character position error.
3. Can solve unable to login problems.
4. Improve game speed.
5. Improve account safety.

How to clean cache:
Open web browser eg: Internet Explorer, click [Tools] – [IE Options] – [Delete] – [Delete History, Temporary files, Cookies]
For Chrome web browser: Click the upper right settings button – History – Clear Browsing Data