How to Take a Screenshot

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How to Take a Screenshot

Post by Goddess » 2014-05-16 7:08

Hi everyone,
I often see a lot of players having troubles to capture and upload a picture. Now I will help to explain and try to demonstrate the way to capture a picture and upload it to the forum.

First: How to capture a picture:
1. When the picture you want to capture appears on the computer monitor, press the PrintScreen SysRq Button (On some keyboards, it’s written PrtSc SysRq) on the upper right corner of the keyboard.

2. After capturing the picture, open any picture editing software, we recommend “Paint”, which can be found at: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint

3. After Paint software is opened, click Paste button on the upper left side to paste the captured picture.

4. Then click on Save button to save the picture.

5. Next choose the place to save, it is recommended to use JPEG format to save.

Second: How to upload pictures to forum?

1. Click reply post on the thread you want to reply or you want to upload pictures to

2. Click on Image button, select local, add images and then select the picture file (the picture you want to upload), click the start upload button and wait until the upload finish, and click ok.
Notice: Picture cannot be bigger than 2MB

Easy, right? Now you try!