How to Defeat Elite JinQi [pic]

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How to Defeat Elite JinQi [pic]

Post by Goddess » 2014-05-16 7:10

[Sexy Three Kingdoms] Guide to defeat Elite Jin Qi with 5800 fighting power.

Important: Please remember to accept the task before defeating Elite Jin Qi, or else you won’t be able to complete the task and need to wait another day to complete it. Or by upgrading to VIP3 to unlock the refresh feature on Hero Duplicate.

Early Heroes on Hero Duplicate at level 20+ can be considered hard if you don’t have ZiWei constellation (Golden constellation that increase HP). So here are some tricks you can try!

Jin Qi is the first Hero and not very difficult to defeat, he’s also the first Boss to drop level 20 equipment scroll (weapon only). But sometimes a lot of new players find it hard to defeat Elite Jin Qi.

Defeating Elite Jin Qi doesn’t depend on your level, but instead depends on your equipment enhancement. Try to enhance main character’s and partners’ equipments to average of Iron level 3 so you can survive from Jin Qi’s technique which usually occurs on 2nd round. Boss damage is around 1200+, so your HP needs to be more than that to survive.
And for constellation, just equip whatever you got.

I’ve tried fighting him before with lower fighting power but have been defeated countless times, but now with 5800 fighting power and level 28, let’s try again.

This is my formation:

Elite Jin Qi’s formation (pic bellow), total of 3 enemies.

A guard in front of Jin Qi must be killed before you can damage Jin Qi. You need to kill all guards before the 2nd round. After the Boss released his technique on 2nd round, only Guan Yin Ping survived, but fortunately I still won. (If you don’t succeed, try a couple times, sometimes you have to depend on your luck)
Summary: The important thing to do before fighting Elite Jin Qi is to enhance Guan Yin Ping’s equipment to Iron level 3 and use her as a shield, and finish off all guards before the 2nd round starts.

Wish you all good luck!