Goddess System Introduction

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Goddess System Introduction

Post by Goddess » 2014-05-16 7:22

Hi everyone,
A lot of new players keep asking about our Goddess system, now I will try to explain it~~

The Three Kingdoms History does not only have countless famous Generals, but also a lot of sexy, smart and alluring Goddesses. Players can interact with them to increase intimacy and marry them.

Goddess feature is unlocked after players reached Level 8. After reaching Level 22 and clearing Navy Camp (6), players will be able to interact with the Goddesses and even marry them.
As shown below:

Play mini game with a Goddess to increase intimacy:

After the intimacy point has been maxed out:


1. Different beautiful girls will be unlocked at certain level. Players can increase intimacy of beautiful girl by playing with her, when the intimacy is full, players can marry them and receive bonus attributes.

2. Players can play mini game with beautiful girl 5 times each day.

3. When player wins, intimacy point will be increased by 3 points, when player loses, intimacy point will be increased by 1 point. Draw doesn’t count.

4. Intimacy will increase faster if player is on winning streak. Winning count will reset to 0 when player loses. Winning count will also reset at 00:00 AM every day.